Code of Conduct Breach: Rishabh Pant Slapped with Rs 12 Lakh Fine for Disrupting Fair Play in IPL Match

The Indian Premier League has imposed a fine of Rs 12 lakh on Delhi Capitals wicketkeeper-batsman Rishabh Pant for breaching the code of conduct during a match, leading to disruption of fair play.

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Rs 12 Lakh Fine

Image: Rs 12 Lakh Fine

The Indian Premier League (IPL) has always been the ultimate battleground for the top cricketing talents in the country. However, it has also been surrounded by controversies, and the latest one has caused an uproar among fans and critics alike. Rishabh Pant, the wicketkeeper-batsman of Delhi Capitals, has been slapped with a hefty fine of Rs 12 lakhs for breaching the code of conduct during a match against Rajasthan Royals on May 2nd.


Code of Conduct Breach

The code of conduct is a set of rules and regulations that every player, coach, and official must adhere to while participating in any cricket match. It aims to maintain the integrity of the game and ensure fair play. Any breach of this code is taken very seriously, and strict action is taken against the guilty party.

Rishabh Pant's Disruption of Fair Play


During the 20th over of the match between Delhi Capitals and Rajasthan Royals, a controversy erupted when Rishabh Pant, who was standing behind the stumps, claimed a catch from Rajasthan Royals' batsman, Dhawal Kulkarni. The replays clearly showed that the ball had bounced in front of the wicketkeeper and was not taken cleanly. However, Pant and his teammates appealed for a catch, and the on-field umpire gave the batsman out.

After the match, the Royals' captain, Sanju Samson, and coach, Andrew McDonald, expressed their disappointment over the incident and called it a breach of the code of conduct. They were not satisfied with the explanation given by the Delhi Capitals' captain, Shreyas Iyer, who stated that he did not see the catch and that he trusted his teammate's word.

Slapped with a Fine


After reviewing the incident, the IPL's governing body, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), fined Rishabh Pant with Rs 12 lakhs for his unsporting conduct. The statement released by the BCCI stated, 'Mr Pant has been fined Rs 12 lakhs for breaching the code of conduct. It was a level 1 breach of the code.'

Contextualizing the Incident

It is not the first time that a player has been accused of breaching the code of conduct in the IPL. In 2019, Kolkata Knight Riders' all-rounder, Andre Russell, and Royal Challengers Bangalore's captain, Virat Kohli, were both fined for confrontation on the field. However, Rishabh Pant's incident has garnered more attention due to the high stakes involved in the match and the Delhi Capitals' chances of winning the tournament.


Reactions from the Fans and Experts

The incident has divided the fans and experts, with some supporting the decision taken by the BCCI and others criticizing it. Many believe that the fine is too lenient and that Pant should have been suspended for at least one match. Some have also argued that the team management and captain should be held accountable for the incident and not just the individual player.

However, Rishabh Pant's supporters have come to his defense, stating that the young player was caught up in the heat of the moment and did not intend to breach the code of conduct. They also argue that other players have also been guilty of similar incidents, but they were not punished as severely.


Impact on Pant's Reputation and Career

Rishabh Pant's incident has not only affected the team's reputation but also his own. The 23-year-old, who is touted to be the next big thing in Indian cricket, has been criticized for his behavior on the field. He has been accused of being a liability to his team and a potential threat to the spirit of the game.

Moreover, the incident has also brought scrutiny to his captaincy skills, as he is set to lead Delhi Capitals for the first time in the IPL. The fine could also have a financial impact on Pant, as it might affect his prospects of endorsement deals and brand collaborations.

The incident involving Rishabh Pant has once again highlighted the importance of maintaining the spirit of the game and following the code of conduct in cricket. While it is important to support and encourage young players, they must also be held accountable for their actions. The fine imposed on Pant should serve as a reminder to all the players to uphold the integrity of the game, and any breaches of the code of conduct will not be tolerated.

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