10 Weird Genz Words That Makes No Sense!

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Language is constantly adapting and evolving. Our use of language reflects our ever-so-changing lives, culture, experiences, and the passing of time. Although there are numerous languages, one that evolves rapidly is slang. Despite each generation having its own unique slang, keeping up with new terms can be hard, especially when social media can make things go viral in seconds.


Here are some terms that make no sense:

The letter “W” refers to win or winning. A popular way to use this slang is to say, “common W,” which means that you agree with more than one thing someone has done. However, if you want to say the opposite, you can say, “That’s an L,” meaning loss, or “common L.”

What does "calm" mean in Gen Z slang? Hearing a Gen Z teen tell someone else to "calm" seems pretty self-explanatory, but it is... really not. Essentially, it was slang taken from the UK and means something is great! Confusing, right? For example: If I tell you that I purchased a new pair of shoes, you might tell me, "That's calm." This lets me know you think my new purchase is cool.


What does "based" mean in Gen Z slang? This is a word you use when you agree with something, or when you think someone is a genuine person. Basically, if I call you "based," I think you're a pretty cool chick/dude/human being.

What does "ate" mean in Gen Z slang? Bizarre concept but essentially, being told you "ate" and "left no crumbs" means you won in an argument or while roasting somebody. For example: Imagine you're brawling (verbally, of course) with a friend who hits you right at the core with an insult. Someone might say, "you ate that and left no crumbs." God, I'm cringing as I type this.

What does "drag her" mean in Gen Z slang? It means to roast someone or to tell them off. I know Urban Dictionary says it means to "execute or torture someone by dragging them with a rope on horseback" but IT'S REALLY NOT THAT LITERAL, OKAY? For example: When you see two people brawling on the internet, you might assume one side is correct and want to support them by saying, "DRAG HER!!"


What does "NPC" mean in Gen Z slang? Translated from gaming group chats, it means someone is a "non-playable character" and *literally*, means any character in a game that is not controlled by a player. But bringing this into the real world, you might refer to someone as an NPC when you think they are boring – in the sense that they lack independent thought or blindly follow other people's opinions. Someone you might've once called a sheep, you can now refer to as an NPC. Not that you would, becuase that would be unkind. But examples help us learn, so there you go.

What does "simp" mean in Gen Z slang? If someone's called you a simp, it proooooobably means you're in a relationship and head over heels for your partner. Because in slang, a simp is someone who goes out of their way to impress the person they like. It's meant to be an insult, but I personally think it is sweet (unless you do too much for your beloved, but honestly, how much is TOO much?!).

What does "bet" mean in Gen Z slang? If you agree with plans your friendly neighbourhood Gen Z has made, say "bet". If someone tells you something that you agree with (or at least understand), say "bet".

What does "triggered" mean in Gen Z slang? To be triggered means someone is offended or their feelings are hurt. It is usually a word used to insult someone who constantly victimises themselves. FYI, If someone tells you that you're "triggered" in an argument, they're being mean to you.

What does "off the charts" mean in Gen Z slang? I actually think this phrase has been around since before I was born, but I was told a lot of Gen X'ers and Millennials don't understand it (?) so... Go back to a time when you'd be really excited about something — it could have been a new job offer or a good grade. Now imagine telling a young person about your exciting new achievement. That's where'd they say, "That's off the charts!" They're excited for you!

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