Did You Know This? Forgetting Your Wife's Birthday Can Land You In Jail Upto 5 Years In This Country!

Spl Features: Birthday's are one of the most special day in one's life.Don't we all want to feel special by our partners.Often husbands have happened to forgot wife's birthday.This country could land you in jail if you forget your wife birthday. Know more

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Samoa: It's illegal forgetting wife's birthday here

Birthday's are meant to be one of the most special day in a person's life. And what's better than when your partner makes it even more special for you? Isn't it a human tendency to feel that way. But often we have heard or seen that many husbands frequently forget their wives' birthdays. Doesn't that makes wives' angry or hurt?... well it does..We all have heard and seen how husbands seek for forgiveness from their wives after forgetting their birthday. It's the best part of this entire scenario. We have brought you are very interseting fact about a country where forgetting your wives' birthday is considered illegal and you might have to pay heavy repercussion for it. 


Know about Samoa country:

We promise you that this news will shock you. There is a stunning and beautiful country name Samoa. According to the media reports in the land of Samoa there is a law where husbands faces a maximum five-year prison sentence for forgetting wives' birthday. According to this law husbands in Samoa are warned if they forget their wife's birthday for the first time. And if this mistake happens for the second time the spouse face a reercussion and are fine or are possibly senteced to jail. As per the law stated it is reported that the maximum sentence for this offence is five years in the prison. It is also said that a dedicated team is assigned to make sure that this particular law is being lawfully obeyed by the netizens of the country. It is also said that a differnet sets of the police team are also dedicated for this. And if they receive any complaints in this particular matter they are suppose to act promptly. 

It's not the end; acoording to the media reports awarness campus are held to educate and inform wives about the present law. Be honest; How many of you knew about this law ? Well this law might have come across as a shock for many husbands while wives' from other countries most probably want this law to be applicable in theirs.

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