Special Ops Review – Kay Kay Menon Starrer Is Nail-Biting, Reality-Based Action Thriller That Will Give You Goose Bumps. Go for it !!!


When you have two brilliant people working together – Neeraj Panday and Kay Kay Menon, two things you expect from the output – Efficient direction and towering performance. Let us check if the new web-series on the RAW agent meets our expectations.

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Special Ops tells the story of RAW agent head, Himmat Singh (Kay Kay Menon), who predict series of patterns in terrorist attacks occurring in India over the past 19 years starting from Parliament Attack right till the supposed-to-be #Delhi bomb blast, which is carried out by only one mastermind. Himmat Singh gathers his team of powerful and intelligent agents with special skills to track down the hunter before they get hunted.

Created and directed by Neeraj Panday, whose previous work included A Wednesday, Special Chabbis and BABY, Special Ops will consume you right from the opening episode where Himmat Singh is interrogated for the expense occurred during the special operation and his response to each question thrown at him. I would like to call Vinay Pathak’s introduction in the first episode adds to the charm of the web-series. The second episode begins with introduction of Himmat Singh’s special team (which is brilliantly displayed) while the highlight of the second episode is Himmat Singh’s meeting with Ajamal Kasab, the ISI agent behind the 26/11 Mumbai Attack. There is a scene where Ajamal Kasab tells the meaning of his name to which Himmat Singh’s response is classic. This is the scene which triggers the investigation of terrorist attacks across India. Himmat Singh hires Farooq Ali (Karan Tacker) who becomes a spy and starts getting involved with critical people who may lead to the mastermind. The web-series also captures how events of national significant like #Demonetization impacted the special operation. What follows next is the series of cat and mouse game between the mastermind and the Himmat Singh’s team.

Few scenes where Himmat Singh’s team is almost on the verge of shooting the main culprit (and this is where the big twist is) in the episode six to the chasing of a pimp in Delhi by Vinay Pathak is captivating and gripping. Episode 7 and 8 will have the nail-biting moments since there is a colossal attack going to happen which also has a connection to the previous terrorist attacks. The interrogation scene throughout the series is fun-filled. The creators have kept the room open for the second season which I am sure will be as eventful like this.

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While Special Ops will keep you on your toes, there are few insignificant scenes which I felt hampers the momentum of the web-series. Nevertheless, writing by Deepak Kingrani, Benazir Ali Fida and Neeraj Panday is brilliant which should be lauded. Technically, Special Ops boast off brilliant cinematography capturing the beautiful locales of Dubai, Tehran, Istanbul and Delhi. Art direction is mind-blowing while background score creates more tension.

Performances of Specials Ops is the highlight of the web-series. Kay Kay Menon leads the show with his flawless performance as Himmat Singh. This guy needs to do more films as whatever projects he does is worth-watching. Vinay Pathak as Abbas Sheikh adds in the entertainment factor. Karan Tacker as Farooq Ali was outstanding. He has spark and should go a long way. Other actors like Meher Vij, Divya Dutta, Sharad Kelkar, Parmeet Sethi, Sana Khan,

Special Ops is nail-biting, reality-based action thriller that is going to give you goose bumps. Go for it — Gripping 3.5/5

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