South Korea's Viral Squid Tissue Bread Leaves Internet Amused, Draws Comparisons to Indian Rumali Roti

South Korea's viral squid tissue bread, with its translucent, tissue-like texture, has sparked amusement online. Its resemblance to India's rumali roti, a thin flatbread, has drawn comparisons between the two culinary creations.

By Megha Badiger
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Viral Squid Tissue Bread

Image: Viral Squid Tissue Bread

In a culinary twist that has captured the attention of the internet, South Korea has unveiled its latest food sensation: squid tissue bread. This unique creation has sent social media feeds buzzing with intrigue and amusement, even drawing comparisons to India's traditional delicacy,  rumali roti.


Squid Tissue Bread: A Deceptive Appearance

Squid tissue bread is exactly what the name suggests - bread that resembles the delicate tissue found inside a squid. Made with a combination of flour, water, and squid ink, this bread boasts a remarkable translucent appearance. Its thin and pliable nature lends it a striking resemblance to squid tissue, giving rise to its captivating name.

A Culinary Delight with Multiple Dimensions


While the visual appeal of squid tissue bread is undeniable, its taste offers an equally tantalizing experience. The bread is soft and chewy, with a subtle hint of seafood flavor that complements a variety of fillings. From sweet fillings like jam and cream to savory options like tuna salad and vegetables, squid tissue bread proves to be a versatile culinary canvas.

Comparisons to Indian Rumali Roti

The viral popularity of squid tissue bread has sparked interesting comparisons to India's beloved rumali roti. Both dishes share a thin and delicate texture, making them ideal for wrapping and showcasing various fillings. Rumali roti, however, is traditionally made with unleavened flour and does not contain any seafood flavorings.


Cultural Exchange and Culinary Inspiration

The emergence of squid tissue bread highlights the ongoing exchange of culinary ideas between cultures. South Korea's creative adaptation of the rumali roti concept demonstrates how food can transcend borders and inspire innovative culinary creations.

Internet Buzz and Culinary Curiosity


Social media has been abuzz with reactions to squid tissue bread. While some expressed amusement at its unusual appearance, others praised its unique taste and versatility. It has sparked widespread curiosity and a desire to experience this culinary novelty firsthand.

A Novel Culinary Experience

Squid tissue bread is not merely a food trend but a testament to culinary innovation. Its ability to capture the imagination and blur the lines between cultures makes it a novel and exciting culinary experience. Whether savored on its own or used to enhance other dishes, this enigmatic bread is sure to leave a lasting impression.

As the world of cuisine continues to evolve, it is fascinating to witness how traditional dishes inspire new creations that captivate the senses and foster cross-cultural culinary appreciation. Squid tissue bread serves as a testament to the boundless possibilities of food and its ability to unite people through shared culinary experiences.


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