Ryu Jun Yeol breaks silence on his dating rumours: Read to Know More

South Korean actor Ryu Jun Yeol opens up about the controversies surrounding the rumours of him dating Han So Hee at a press conference for a Netflix show.

By Dhwani Joshi
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After breaking up with his long-time girlfriend and Reply 1988 co-star Hyeri, there were rumours of South Korean Actor Ryu Jun Yeol and ‘Nevertheless’ actress, Han So Hee, after a picture of them vacationing together om Hawaii had gone viral. This caused a lot of controversy after the actor’s ex-girlfriend posted a cryptic post, criticising the relationship. After causing many controversies, the couple broke up just after 2 weeks of dating.



On Friday, May 10, Ryu Jun Yeol opened up about his dating rumours at a press conference for the Netflix’s show, ‘The 8 Show’ in Seoul. He was asked if was right to stay silent about these rumours.He responded, "During the issues related to my private life at that time, posts about me appeared on social media without my consent or will. I thought the best response was not to answer each one but to remain silent and bear the resulting criticism. By doing my best, I mean that facing criticism was more appropriate than explaining my stance in detail. I believe discussing personal matters here could harm my colleagues."

Ryu Jun Yeol continued, "This has been a period of great contemplation since my debut. Since it's a personal matter, I believe there will be another opportunity to discuss this in an appropriate setting."



Ryu Jun Yeol will appear in the Netflix’s ‘The 8 Show’ releasing on May 17. The drama showcases the story of 8 people trapped in a secret space divided in 8 floors, where they participate in a dangerous show that earns them money.

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