South Korea changes the restaurant system with something extraordinary!


As everyone knows that South Korea always comes out with new technologies and shocks people with their extraordinary inventions, even this time they are back with a mind blowing idea keeping in mind the current scenario in the world.

These days people prefer everything safe and always check if places they like to visit are virus free, well sanitised and hygienic. The whole world is struck at home but what about people who are craving for restaurant food?

Keeping the business in mind and fulfilling people’s demand about food, a restaurant in Seoul has come out with some fancy innovations to keep the game up and running smoothly.

The restaurant has robots working as the staffs who take orders, cook and serve as well. From picking up the orders, to serving them, customers go through no human interaction.

All the customers has to do is click on the menu they want on a kiosk touchscreen, pay, and wait for the robot to bring out the order at the pick up spot.

While the customers wait for the food, they take pictures of the robot and click selfies with them to show the people connect to them about the new place. The robots here look similar to the minions, painted yellow and blue from the famous movie ‘Despicable me.’

The children customers find it attractive. The yellow and black theme of the restaurant give it a look like a toy shop.

The ‘No Brand Burger’ shop owner Bae Eunyoung explained the entire process of the restaurant. He said that when the customer orders in the screen, the message directly goes to the kitchen. There, an automated cooking machine kicks in and heats the bun and fries the patties. The human staffs have the only roll to play is put the toppings and wrap the parcel before handling it to the robot to drop it on the pick up spot.

I personally think, considering myself the customer this great idea will provide food safely without any human touch and would be hygienic, but on the other hand will eat up the employment of many workers. During the pandemic this is a good idea but after everything comes to normal, this thing should be stopped immediately thinking about the number of unemployments increasing.

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