South Indian Movies To Watch Out For In This October!

South Indian Movies
South Indian Movies To Watch Out For In This October!

We know how bored, emotional, tragic this pandemic has been but the only go refreshing stuff are movies or series they’ve been a complete saviour. This time we’ll take you to the journey of South Indian movies which you should MUST binge watch these movies for October month schedule.

We know how South Indian movies have delivered us some valuable contents throughout these years which one will never be regret of. So here I take you to some valuable contents which you SHOULD NOT MISS, which are all available only on Amazon Prime Video!

Helen (2019 – Malayalam)
Mainly starring Anna Ben (as Helen) in the lead and Lal (father Paul), Noble Babu Thomas (her boyfriend) in the supporting roles. A survival drama thriller written by Alfred Kurian Joseph, Noble Babu Thomas and Mathukutty Xavier. No one can believe it’s a first direction for Xavier and a second film for Anna Ben. She just nailed the role, you should definitely not miss this one. Story leads with true events where this nurse (Helen) who juggles with English language classes, home management, commitments in the neighbourhood, her love life and a part time job at a chicken hub shop in a mall. Things gets unturned when she gets stuck in the cold storage room of that shop. And it’s every song will make you fall in love.

Ishq : “Not A Love Story” (2019 – Malayalam)
Starring Shane Nigam (Sachi) and Ann Sheetal (Vasudha) in the lead. Written by Ratheesh Ravi and direction by Anuraj Manoha. Yes you heard that right! Ishq but it’s not a love story, it will make you experience about totally different stuff. If I say anything about the film would turn to be a spoiler, but in-short I can say firstly it will make you go aggressive on some characters but then it will take you to the next level teaching a lesson not in a normal way, it will definitely drive you crazy and touched. Shane just pulled off his role and Ann was all pity feel character. A MUST WATCH for everyone out there, especially girls should not miss it. And it’s ‘Parayuvaan’ song is just awesome will definitely make you listen it on loop.

Driving License (2019 – Malayalam)
Starring Prithviraj Sukumaran (Hareendran) and Suraj Venjaramoodu (Kuruvila Joseph) what a strong actors! Written by Sachu and Directed by Jean Paul Lal. The story starts with Hareendran being a hero in a film too wants a driving licence Kuruvila Joseph being a Motor Vehicle Inspector agrees to give it with illicitly. But Hari did not agrees with it, the situations between them does not goes well due to their contrary. Which further drags on disturbing their personal and professional lives. They will endup hurting eachother or things will go well? A MUST WATCH Drama Thriller of the year with very strong acting, fun, emotions, realistic, touched feels.

Raja The Great ..Welcome To My World (2017 – Telugu)
Starring Ravi Teja (Raja), Mehrene Pirzada (Lucky) and adding on multiple star cast. Written and Directed by Anil Ravipuan. Such an intelligently written film, a blind men can be very tough to the one rather just being ignored. Shown Raja in a four angles with full of hilarious entertainment, thrill fightings, humanity and with a great spirit of blind people. Ravi Teja just nailed the role unlike others, which marked as his highesr-grossing film in his whole career with 50 crore. Wow! Totally a MUST WATCH! Note* get ready yourself for laughing your heart out!

Ninny Kori – Let’s Welcome Life.. (2017)
Starring Nani (Uma), Nivetha Thomas (Pallavi) and Arun Pinisetty (Arun) in the main characters. Written and Directed by Shiva Nirvana. Story runs around Uma and Pallavi’s love story, to achieve best for Pallavi, Uma lefts to Delhi for studying PhD. In between Pallavi gets married to Arun and flew off to US, but story goes round we Uma also lands up in US to get back his love life. But will he get Pallavi back? That’s the question. This romance-comedy is a MUST WATCH for fresh, feel-good songs and story-line, with strong actings, fun, heartwarming with full of emotions. Get your handkerchiefs ready because Nani will definitely make your tears fall out with is amazing natural acting! Also an inspirational story, so note that title’s tagline.

HIT – The First Case (2020 – Telugu)
Mainly starring Vishwak Sen (Vikram Rudraju), what an actor! He’s definitely nailing his every role movie after movie, but HIT will be one of the finest performance of Vishwak with a different genre for him as a cop. Written and Directed by Sailesh Kolanu. The plot revolves around a police officer Vikram, who gets stuck in his personal tragedy which disturbs him every now and then. But by keeping all his feelings and emotions aside focuses on a case of missing girl Preeti. This is just a chapter one the other part is yet to release. Till then MUST WATCH this Thriller-Action’s first part with full of intense, engaging, strong acting, unique stuff.

Dia (2020 – Kannada)
Starring Kushi (Dia), Pruthi Ambaar (Adi) and Dheekshith Shetty (Rohith) in the main roles. Written and Directed by K. S. Ashok. Story line runs behind Dia who’s in love with Rohith but she confess her feelings after three long years to him. But things goes wrong when Rohith suddenly Mets with an accident and he’s been told will not survive. Then when Dia being with Adi she finds out Rohith is still alive. Such a confusing plot right? Who will get whom and who will meet with the heartbreak? Totally a question mark. A MUST WATCH romance-drama for this generation, you should definitely not miss this one with feel-good + heartbreaking + will get you a lesson.

Asuran (2019 – Tamil)

Starring Dhanush (Sivasamy) and Manju Warrier (Panchaiyamma), we know how amazing actors they are. Dhanush definitely pulled off the role unlike anyother. Written and Directed by Vetrimaaran. A story is of a farmer Sivasamy who runs to save his son who attempts to murder a rich man. The film’s plot is a real story influenced by Kilvenmani Massacre who h was occurred in 1968, o my god. From a Novel *Vekkai* which is written by an Indian writer Poomani. A MUST WATCH with powerful visuals, great background score, realistic feels and emotions, touching and strong acting of course!

Viswasam (2019 – Tamil) 

Starring Ajith Kumar (Thookudurai) and Nayanthara (Niranjana) in the main roles. Written by Siva, K. Manikandan, Ra. Savarimuthu, Antony Bakyaraj and Chandran, also Directed by Siva. A plot runs behind Thookku a leader of people who falls in love with Niranjana and gets married too. The pair gets separated when their daughter Swetha gets injured due to Thookku involving in fights. After years, he helps her daughter from fights without revealing his identity. It doesn’t offer something new but it’s fully vibrant with Ajith’s presence, strong visuals and with tremendous background score. Overall A MUST WATCH film filled with great action sequences, fully emotions, father love, feel-good with amazing rememberable songs! A father-daughter love song Kannana Kanne will definitely steal your heart! 

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