Suspended Maldives Minister's Apology for Controversial Indian Flag Post Causes Public Outcry

Recently, a Maldivian minister came under fire for sharing a post on social media showing an Indian flag being used as a doormat. His subsequent apology sparked public outrage and calls for his resignation.

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The recent controversy surrounding the suspended Maldives Minister's apology for a controversial Indian flag post has caused a public outcry in both countries. The incident, which took place on social media platform Twitter, has sparked debates on cultural sensitivity and diplomatic relations between the two nations. Here's a closer look at the events that unfolded and the reactions of the public.


The Controversial Tweet

On July 3rd, the former Maldives Minister of Environment, Dr. Hussain Rasheed Hassan, posted a photo of the Indian flag upside down on his Twitter account. The caption of the post read, 'This flag represents our nationalism, happiness and pride. I apologize for hurting the sentiments of every Indian who has seen this.' The tweet was deleted within minutes, but not before garnering a lot of attention and comments from the public.

Diplomatic Fallout


The tweet was seen as a direct insult to the Indian flag and sparked outrage in India. The Indian High Commission in the Maldives issued a statement condemning the post and demanded an apology from the Maldivian government. The Indian Foreign Ministry also expressed their disappointment and asked for stricter actions to be taken against the minister.

Public Reaction in the Maldives

The tweet also caused a stir in the Maldives, with many citizens expressing their outrage and disappointment with the Minister's actions. The apology that followed was seen as insincere by the public, with many accusing the Minister of being opportunistic and trying to please both sides. Calls for his resignation grew louder, and pressure mounted on the government to take action against the Minister.


Cultural Sensitivity and Diplomatic Relations

The incident also shed light on the issue of cultural sensitivity. In the Maldives, the Indian flag is often used as a symbol of celebration and respect, but it is also considered a sacred object in India. Social media has made it easier for people to share their thoughts and opinions, but it has also given rise to careless and insensitive posts that can damage diplomatic relationships.

The Role of Social Media


The incident has once again brought attention to the power and responsibility that comes with using social media. A post made without proper consideration can have severe consequences, and public figures must be mindful of their actions and how they can affect others. The controversy also emphasizes the need for stricter and more accountable social media policies, both at an individual and governmental level.

The Aftermath

As public pressure mounted, the Maldivian President, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, accepted the resignation of the suspended Minister. In his statement, the President also stated that the Minister's actions were against the values and principles of the government and the Maldivian people. The former Minister also issued a public apology, stating that his actions were not intended to insult the Indian flag.


Lessons Learned

The incident has highlighted the importance of understanding and respecting different cultures and the need for responsible social media usage. It also serves as a reminder that public figures must be held accountable for their actions and words, especially in a sensitive and politically charged climate. It is essential to remember that diplomacy is key to maintaining healthy relationships between nations.

In conclusion, the apology of the suspended Maldives Minister for a controversial Indian flag post has caused a public outcry and highlighted the need for cultural sensitivity and responsible social media usage. It also serves as a reminder that diplomatic relations between nations must be taken seriously and actions have consequences. As we move forward, individuals and governments must be mindful of their actions and words, both online and offline.

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