‘Sita On The Road' Review – A Beautiful Visual Treat Of Five Women In Seek For Freedom On A Road Trip!

‘Sita On The Road’ Review – A Beautiful Visual Treat Of Five Women In Seek For Freedom On A Road Trip!

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Sita One The Road’ is a movie that tries to make women free from their pressured circumstances for self-discovery! Let’s find out how it has gone…


A story of five women Anu, Mohini, Uma, Gayathri, Sarah coming from their society pressured backgrounds in seek for freedom and how they end up enjoy meeting at one destination which is no doubt a Goa.

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Kalpika Ganesha as Anu is a bold girl who rides a bullet, wants to live according to her life, but falls out to make her look bold. Till now, Kalpika made side roles but now she got one of the leads and this role was executed well. Khatera Hakimi as Mohini, who dreams to be an actress by facing cheap commitments from several filmmakers and rise up with few hit films but still she famous the same problems have played well by Khatera. Uma Lingaiah as a teenage gi Uma and Gayathri Gupta as a married Gayathri are okay as the innocent small-town girls. Goes the same with Nesa Farhadi as Sarah, an author lady faced with a major tragic scene in her life. Babu Rao as Babu was okayish and seemed natural with his slang but his acting also looked made him do forcefully. Overall, there’s nothing noteworthy about performances.

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A surprising fact is that Praneeth Yaron has shouldered up multiple crafts like story writing, screenplay, dialogues, music composing, background score including direction! The actor turned as a debut director through this film got the best imagination but lacked in presenting which is not gripping at some points. Cinematography by Raj Anantha stands out with its beautiful visual treat, the wide angles are captured nicely, especially the alluring locations of Karnataka from the top. Editing by Suresh Kumar Kasukurthi is ok. Music composition is good by the filmmaker himself, especially the lyrics are written well and the background score is beautiful sometimes.

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Mainly, talking about the film’s dialogues which are so cleverly written. Read some translated lines from the film, below:

  • Anu – Women who live on their own terms like me, are often for granted by the world.
  • Mohini – Acting is quite easy, living as an actress is quite hard.
    • Sir, I won’t sleep with you. You don’t give pay me, why don’t you come to the point directly Sir?
    • Stories are different on-screen, stories behind the screen are different.
    • All they want is a figure of a woman, color, and body, talent has nothing to do here.
    • Many colors on one side and darkness on the other side, this cinema world is all about.
  • Gayathri – Being born as a woman, is marriage all that I can achieve?

And if you are planning to watch a movie then do not miss the climax scene lines.

Another strange fact is that a scene from the movie where all the girls collect money in a contribution for a blind lady was real and people around them blindly believed them. And that money was used for two real blind girls to sing a rap for the project.

Overall, it is quite good according to a low budget and less crew movie. And a rare inspiring story-line in the Telugu industry of several women representing different roles of their life but the film showed too much of alcohol and cigarettes all time which felt not ok and it wasn’t needed that much. – 2.2/5

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