“It feels great...,” Sanam Puri, Heartthrob Singer, Ties the Knot with Zuchobeni Tungoe in a Cultural Fusion Wedding!

Post-wedding, the heart-winning singer and musician Sanam Puri expresses his joy about marrying his longtime girlfriend and shares insights into their unique Punjabi-Naga wedding. Read on.

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In the realm of Indian music, Sanam Puri and his band have been chart-toppers, enchanting audiences with their soulful renditions of classic Bollywood songs. Now, the heartthrob singer has embarked on a new melody of life as he ties the knot with his longtime girlfriend, singer Zuchobeni Tungoe, in a dreamy Nagaland wedding.

Sanam Puri is now married!

The lead vocalist-composer of the popular Indian pop rock band Sanam, Sanam Puri, expressed his elation after entering marital bliss. In an exclusive conversation with a Hindustan Times, he shared, “I can’t think of a better feeling. This (getting married) is something I always wanted.” Describing the unique connection with his now-wife, Puri added, “The connection we have can’t be described in words. I’m excited about building my new life with her.”

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Cultural Fusion Wedding

Hailing from Punjab and Nagaland respectively, Sanam Puri and Zuchobeni Tungoe celebrated their love with a blend of Punjabi and Naga traditions. Puri highlighted the uniqueness of their cultural fusion, stating, “A mix of both our cultures was unique. I never dreamed of such a fun wedding. My wife, Zucho, brought this whole thing to life.” The couple ensured their family and friends experienced the Naga culture, organizing an intimate dinner and wedding rehearsal, and creating cherished moments with their closest ones.

Amid an ongoing India tour with his band, Sanam Puri revealed that honeymoon plans are on hold temporarily. He shared, “My band and I are travelling for shows currently as this is the season for us. My wife, being a singer herself, is very supportive. So for now, we are waiting for the season to end. We have planned a honeymoon after that.”

To mark their beautiful union, Sanam Puri and Zuchobeni Tungoe released a wedding song titled “Saath Rahe Tu Mere” on January 11, with both lending their melodious voices to the track. The song encapsulates the essence of their love story and the beginning of a beautiful journey together.

Sanam Puri's wedding not only marks a personal milestone but also adds a sweet note to the love saga of the renowned singer. As fans extend their wishes, the musical duo looks forward to creating harmonious melodies in both their personal and professional lives.




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