‘I laugh at my fights with Asim & Rashami now when I think about it’ : Sidharth Shukla


The winner of Bigg Boss 13, Sidharth Shukla is all over the place these days. As he remembered his fights inside the BB house, he finds them amusing now. Read on…

Bigg Boss 13 winner Sidharth Shukla on equation with Rashami & Asim: When I think now, I laugh at those fights

Sidharth Shukla, the Bigg Boss 13 winner who was loved throughout the nation for what he was inside the house has been hailed as the most deserving winner just not by the audience but by the other housemates as well. The actor who had a steady bond with Asim Riaz earlier which soared down later on in the show even got aggressive at multiple occasions during his fights with Asim. He even had a elongated hate relationship with former friend and rumored girlfriend Rashami Desai and it was very easily visible that they can’t even digest the sight of each other. However, he had a easy going camaraderie with Shehnaaz Gill throughout the show amidst a few lows.

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Remembering all those forgetful and ugly fights, Sidharth finds it funny and amusing now. He even laughs on it after remembering what havoc went inside the house so many times. The actor even expressed his desire to meet them and said,

 “When I sit back and think now, I laugh at those fights. My bond with Rashami and Asim is much cooler now, I hope ( smiles). Whenever I meet either of them, I am sure we will have the same bond that we had towards the end of the show. I am somebody who likes to move forward and I like to have a very cordial and peaceful relationship with everybody around me. Now when everything is fine, whenever we meet, we will definitely have fun.”

Sidharth have no regrets though for his behavior inside the show and remains unapologetic about it. Well, all is in the past now and it sees like it is the next phase for all of them in their respective careers which can be full of blossoming prospects. While Shehnaaz and Paras have got their own show on a leading channel. Asim’s latest music-video featuring Jacqueline Fernandez is making lot of noises on YouTube and elsewhere.

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