Sharad Malhotra: It’s upsetting that Republic Day is just a holiday for many people
Sharad Malhotra: It’s upsetting that Republic Day is just a holiday for many people

Sharad Malhotra: It’s upsetting that Republic Day is just a holiday for many people

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Actor Sharad Malhotra says that it’s sad to see that days like Republic Day have just become a mere day to relax at home for many people. The actor says that nowadays people are also upset that these days are dry days and so they will not be able to purchase alcohol. “Honestly, it’s not just a holiday. People just think of it as a dry day. They probably get upset too because of this. I don’t drink but a lot of my friends are like, ‘26th January is coming and we won’t get liquor!’ So, it’s a day which is just considered as a holiday now, which is very sad,” he says.

He adds, “It is so upsetting to see that you are an Indian and you totally ignore such an important day. It is the day when the constitution was formed and it is a landmark day in the history of the nation. People just take it as a Saturday or Sunday.”

Sharad remembering celebrating Republic Day well in his school days. “Earlier, I remember when I was in school, my parents used to wake me up in the morning and I used to watch the morning parade. I used to see all the jhakis and all the different beautiful cultures, people coming from different parts of the country showing off the different costumes. Everything was so colourful and I think I really miss all of that now,” he says.

However, he makes sure to attend all patriotic events during this time. “When I get the opportunity of attending such an event, I never miss. If I am invited as the guest of honour may be to a flag hoisting event, I make it a point to go at that particular day even if I am working or busy somewhere. Flag hoisting because for me is very important. Maybe, if tomorrow we plan to have a family, my kids also need to understand the significance of 26th January, I will make sure of that. It should not be just remembered as a public holiday but it’s a very important day in every Indian’s life,” he says.

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