Seven Out Off Five Are Nominated For This Week’s Elimination: Day 85, Ep. 86, Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu 4
Seven Out Off Five Are Nominated For This Week’s Elimination: Day 85, Ep. 86, Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Highlights
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Episode starts with Day 84 continuation, Sohel and Akhil are trying cheer up Avinash. As he’s sad about audience not voting him yet he got saved from eliminations with aviction free pass and says, “I am lost in sight of audience”.

Day 85, as usual participants waking up to a song. Ariyana giving a long hug to Sohel and says she likes him a lot. Sohel calling Avinash, three of them including Akhil asks’ permission with Bigg Boss and have a nap of 30 mins. Here BB announces, “Akhil, Sohel, Avinash if your sleep is over? Then come in the garden area with your housemates”.

Contestants have to wear a test tube filled with thick coloured water around their neck and one can nominate two or more than that. Now the one who is nominating have to pour has much as ml they want to in a glass container kept in front of each participant. 4 containers filled with larger quantity of water will be nominated for the week.

Harika starts the nominations by nominating Avinash and Abijeet, with a reason he (Abijeet) hasn’t played a luxury budget task. Avinash pour coloured water in Monal and Akhil’s container. Next Akhil does to Avinash and Monal. Abijeet nominated Monal and Harika, saying, “if you (Harika) don’t understand me in the hosue than who will do?” And they both hug it out.

Monal nominated Avinash, Abijeet and Akhil. Here Monal gets emotional and walks off towards her bed, Harika is trying to cheer her up. Ariyana nominates Harika, Monal, Sohel and Sohel nominated Avinash, Ariyana.

Due to tie in between Harika & Akhil, the final nominees for the week are five contestants, Avinash, Abijeet, Harika, Akhil and Monal.

Upcoming episode is seen a task for ‘Race to Finale’ starts –

Till then Stay Tuned on this space for further additional updates and keep watching Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4.

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