Katha Ankahee to Anupamaa, Here Are Some Of The Cool Telly Shows That Are A Must-Watch!

These top 4 Indian television shows are among the topmost loved shows. This shows have a mass appeal and brings newness in the television world.

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Katha Ankahee.

Indian television shows have been enteratining audience from a very long period of time with shows like kyuki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi to yeh ristha kya kehlata hai. In recent times audiencs approach and  prefernces have changed and now they attracted to more realistic  shows . Here re the top 3 indian televison shows that is must watch for audience. 


Katha Ankahee

It is an indian televison drama that strems on Sony Televison channel. It is a remake of turkish series "one thousand and one night". Aditi sharma and Adnan Khan are the lead pair of the show. The show is about a single mother and her strugle raising her son who has a blood cancer The show showcase the strenghth of a women who manages work life and home life. On contrary the male lead is shown as mysogynist that believes women are gold digger due to his childhood trauma. Vivaan (adnan khan) and Katha(aditi sharma) are the two opposite personality that come across each other. Vivaan agress to help katha with money on a condition of spending a night with him.   Its a new age drama that discusses about the struggle, hardship, society norms and pyschological trauma. This serial talks about many important aspect of society and people.

Taarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashmah


It is a indian sitcom shows that has been running from 2008 on Sony Sab. It is one of the most loved and longest running indian daily sitcom. This show is about the life of people living in Gokuldham. co-coperavtive housing society. The show discusess about the real life struggles and problems faced by the people in a comedy genre. The show shows the importance of togatherness and unity among the people. It brings laughter among the lives people. This serial is very different from usual TV daily soaps it teaches important value with the pinch of comedy. This show has brilliant cast such as Dilip joshi, Munmun Dutta, Neha Mehta and many other. Earlier the show also had starcast like Disha Vakani and Shailesh Lodha.


It is one of the most highest trp rated daily indian television show. It is a typical indian television show with the punch of new flavour. Yes you heard it "anupamaa" serial shows the importance of women independency. Rupali Ganguly plays the lead role and she protrays the role of a housewife who was cheated by her husband. The serial shows the life and struggle of a housewife. It shows how strong a women is  and it highlights how they are more than a homemaker of a family. The character anupamaa shows the journey of a women from dependent housewife to an independent and ambitious women who breaks the taboo and gets a divorce from her husband. The serial talks about remarriage, importance of self belief and independency. It raises importnace of change in societal perspective for women. 

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