Opinion: Sarah Sanders Claims About North Korean President Kim Jong Un And US President Donald Trump Are Startling Yet Intriguing; Can Create Havoc Over The World


North Korean President Kim Jong Un makes headlines in the global media often because of his weird decisions that he takes for his country and the citizens of North Korea. Kim is also known for his obsession with nuclear weapons and Ballistic Missiles. On the other hand, there is his counterpart US President Donald Trump. President Trump is known for his extreme right-wing ideology and anti-immigrant rhetoric and policies.  

Well, the world is aware of the relation between the two presidents. Both of them have met several times for the meeting over the issue of nuclear weapons. Trump and Kim met on three separate occasions — in Singapore, Hanoi, and at the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea — through the meetings, while historic, appear to have accomplished anything much.

Recently, Sarah Sanders The former White House press secretary remembered the incident that took place during the June 2018 Singapore Summit between the US and North Korea. She revealed her experience in her book “Speaking For Myself” which will be published in the US in the next week.

 Ms. Sanders revealed that the president cracked a joke about the incident after the meeting, saying: “Kim Jong- Un hit on you!” and “He did! He f***ing hit on you!”  Ms. Sanders writes about Kim that the two leaders were discussing women’s soccer, when at a moment she looked up she saw that Mr. Kim was staring at her. She also stated that Kim winked at her.

Thus, this is something really interesting and startling. First, it is funny in a way that the presidents of two countries who met three times to have talks on military and missiles talked about women’s soccer team. And even more interesting part is about Kim Jong Un who is known for concealing everything about his life and his country as well. North Korea is known as a country full of secrecy with strict media control.

Unfortunately, the North Koreans have no option to refuse the dictatorial orders of the supreme leader. North Korea is currently facing an enormous shortage of food supplies. It has also been affected by the typhoon haishen. North Korea is continuing to develop its nuclear weapons program and several countries assess that it has “probably developed miniaturized nuclear devices to fit into the warheads of its ballistic missiles,” according to a confidential UN report.

Kim Jong Un’s North Korea is a mysterious, scary country as well where execution is very common. US President Donald Trump has revealed to Bob Woodwoard, who is writing a book on Trump, that Kim Jong Un had ordered the killing of his uncle, Jang Song Thaek, and the headless body of Jang was displayed to senior North Korean officials. The head was sitting on the chest, Trump is believed to have said to the writer.

Well, anything can happen in Kim Jong Un’s North Korea so his uncle’s execution shall not be a shock. The duo of two presidents- Kim Jong Un And Donald Trump always brings out something that leaves the world stunned!

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