Run BTS! 127th EP Added Total Fun To The Challenges Played By Members

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In Episode 127 of Run BTS!, the members set out to complete a series of 14 challenges in order to be the first one to go home. The members continued to play different games in order to be the first ones to go home.

Jin tasted the feeling of instant regret when his own plan ultimately betrayed him.

Jin and Jungkook failed to finish their previous challenges in the first place, meaning they were now tasked with the mission of spelling out “BTS” with 90 dominoes.

However, Jin came up with a risky alternative. Whoever wins in a game of Rock Paper Scissors can go home instantly without even entering the duel of dominoes.

As a risk-taker, Jungkook agreed to the new terms. However, within a moment, Jin was left wishing he never made that proposition.

When the next contender J-Hope entered, Jin was ready to unleash a surprise game of Rock Paper Scissors on him with the same conditions.

Once again Jin lost!!

Next came RM, where Jin was able to prove his Rock Paper Scissors prowess by winning against RM!

Jimin, despite being an overall athletic guy, just couldn’t catch a break. There was one game that was his worst enemy: sweeping three bottles with a stick without causing it to fall.

No matter how many times he did it… frustrated Jim said,”Why do I keep failing in this?”

He tried so much, but he just couldn’t stop the bottles from falling over.

Also, Jimin was leading 1st place as he was just left with one mission.

He said, “It’s five times harder [than using a table cloth]. It’s hard to set up, too. I passed everything else. I’ll be done with this.”

This was a great contrast to Suga who got it right on his first try! Jungkook, RM, V, and Jin joined Jimin as part of the audience who couldn’t contain their shock at the rapper’s easy game.

While Suga celebrated and the others clapped behind him, Jimin immediately got to work recreating his winning round.

While Suga celebrated and the others clapped behind him, Jimin immediately got to work recreating his winning round.

With Jimin’s eight years of experience as a Kendo player, he looked ready as ever for the bottle challenge only to become the only one left after all the other members succeeded and moved on.

As he continued to struggle with the mission, the staff members tried to show him an easy way to win the game.

Jimin however, declined the offer. “I’ll just do it the way I’ve been doing it. I don’t want to play unfairly after all the other members succeeded.”

After many more tries, Jimin was the final person in the group who succeeded in completing the game. 

He excitedly said, “Did you see this everyone? There is nothing you can’t do if you do it until the end. Today’s lesson…if you try until the end, you will achieve it!”

On the other hand he other members and staff feel that RM is  the ‘god of destruction. It was when screamed with excitement as he ran off set to go home.

After hearing that V was on his way after clearing a mission, RM couldn’t have been happier.

What V didn’t know was that each member had to win a game of Rock Paper Scissors before being able to leave

RM, who ultimately won the game of Rock Paper Scissors, screamed with excitement as he ran off set to go home.

Caught off guard by his actions, the staff called him back, letting know he still had to the ending comment before leaving.

RM runs back, does a quick ending pose before running off with his mic still on!

He bumps into J-Hope on his way out, who also reminds him that he needs to return his mic.

With RM no where to be seen, the staff had no choice but to chase after him before he got too far away!


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