Opinion: Religion Should Not Be Parameter While Donating Food; Rohingyas Too Are Human Beings And Deserve Basic Necessity Of Food!


Few restaurants in Delhi have started an initiative which is a noble cause of donating food to Rohingya refugees. They have started this on the occasion of Navratri. But as soon as this news was covered, people started criticizing this cause on social media. They connected it with the issue of religion and opposed what these restaurants are doing.

They are of the opinion that these hotel owners should have found some other needy people and not Rohingyas because they are infiltrators and are a threat to the nation. They made it the issue of national security. They brought in different religions in it. That is completely wrong. This has to be condemned. This is a pure act of spreading hatred in society.

Food is a basic necessity of every human being and no one should be deprived of it. It is a basic right of every living individual. People need to understand that Rohingyas are also human beings and they too deserve food to survive. Food does not see any community and religion. Thus if a particular group of people is doing a noble cause people should not stop them from doing that.

The owner of one of the restaurant said, “Food doesn’t have any religion. It’s for everyone. That is the reason why we’re giving it to those in need. People bless us the same way they would, members of their own community.”

In the recent past, we have seen people bringing communal links out of any topic. Earlier the Tanishq advertisement and now this topic of donating food to Rohingyas people have linked it to religion. Social media is used by people more to spread divisive ideas and creating communal and social disorder.

Social media with this kind of unnecessary criticism makes us feel and the question does humanity exist or not? Or these are the people against humanity for whom religion is important than human life? They are using social media as a weapon to share their agendas.

Agreed that they have the right to put forward opinions but they should not be spreading hatred.  Well, when such things take place on social media platforms where people spend a lot of time and get influenced it possess a lot of questions in the minds of people about right and wrong. People at least should not resist others who are showing humanity.

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