Roadies Revolution: Arushi and Sanjay compete for being the ‘Drone Survivor’ this week


The Roadies Revolution journey has paced up with multiple events taking everyone by surprise, every week! After Pratibha leaving the journey, a surprise survival battle between two voted out contestants, Arushi and Sanjay is sure to leave the contestants and the celebrity leaders in shock! The task at hand for them was to make a team of three members each before the survival task. With Hamid getting injured from the Basket Brawl task and only Michael’s support, Arushi has a very few options and friends in the journey at this point. While Arushi somehow manages to get confirmations from Michael, Nisha and Aman, Sanjay choosed Vipin, Jayant and Shreya to save himself.

Rannvijay goes on to introduce Drone Survivor- a three-stage time based task. The voted out contestants will be locked in a cage where they have to untangle the knotted rope. One team member will have to pass the obstacle set and collect numbers which will be the code for the cage’s lock. Once the voted out contestant is freed from the cage, they will have to climb a 90 degree wall and release the flag which completes the task. To make the task more gripping, Rannvijay introduces two twists in the task. The other 2 members from the team will have to fly a drone and get it past the loops which will lessen their time and the opponent’s team members can fire paintball guns to distract the team. The team leaders can also perform in the task.

After getting to know the exciting task, the contestants who failed to perform earlier, were seen convincing Arushi and Sanjay to be a part of their team. Sanjay changed his team and selected Aakash, Varun and Jayant and Arushi chose Michael, Nikhil and Aman to fight for them. In between the task and selection of teams, we will see Vipin and Sanjay getting into a heated argument as Sanjay swapped Vipin with Aakash in order to form a strong team.

What comes as a huge surprise is Apoorva pitching to Arushi to play alongside. Is this her game plan or this is a genuine move to keep up the game spirit? Who will be the ‘Drone Survivor’ and whose journey will come to an end? Stay tuned to Roadies Revolution, this Saturday at 7PM only on MTV to witness one the most exciting task and one of biggest vote out session of this season.

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