Review: Ginny Weds Sunny Is A Confusing Wedding Story With Usual Problems And Dilemmas Of New Gen Couple In Relationship And Have A Different Take To Resolve Them


Ginny Weds Sunny is a new release on Netflix. The film stars Yami Gautam and Vikrant Massey in the lead role. It also features other actors like Mansi Sharma, Suhail Nayyar, Rajiv Gupta, Sanchita Puri, Ayesha Raza Mishra, and Mazel Vyas. The film is helmed by filmmaker Puneet Khanna and produced by Vinod Bachchan under the name of Soundrya Production.

The story of the film revolves around two characters Ginny (Yami Gautam) and Sunny (Vikrant Massey). Ginny is an independent and modern Delhi girl who has a cool Punjabi mom whose name is Shobha (Ayesha Raza Mishra). Ginny also her after when she was in school. Ginny has a group of close friends her best friend is Prerna (Sanchita Puri) who always guide and she gives her correct advice.

Nishant (Suhail Nayyar) is an ex-boyfriend of Ginny. They have broken up a year ago but they chose to be good friends of each other. Nishant wanted Ginny to move on but she is into him and has feelings for him. However, Ginny’s mom does not like him.

Sunny is a bachelor who eager to get married and is the quest for a suitable girl however he always has to face rejection and his family has got used to it. Ginny’s father decides to meet Shobha as she runs the marriage bureau to seek help in finding a girl for Sunny. Shobha finds out that Sunny is perfect for her daughter Ginny.

Sunny is a good boy who never disrespects girl. He does not have any past. He does not believe in relationships as such. He directly asks girls for marriage. Ginny’s mother helps him to get closer to Ginny and even Ginny gives chance to Sunny as she tries to move on from Nishant. Ginny, her friends’ group, and Sunny go to Masoorie for a holiday as Nishant has refused to come. There Ginny and Sunny come closer.

Ginny shares her father’s story and how he celebrated her birthday with Sunny. But here comes the climax of the film. Nishant suddenly shows up in Massorie and proposes to Ginny in front of Sunny. Sunny comes back and gets disheartened. Ginny was now confused between Nishant and Sunny. Nishant was very rich and possessive and insecure about Ginny.

Sunny tries to move on but Ginny shows up as she is explained by Prerna that relationship with Nishant was not serious thus Ginny invites Sunny for dinner. But before he reached her home, Nishant comes with his parents at her home to meet Shobha. Sunny gets furious with the confused behavior of Ginny and goes to her place even after her refusing him. A dispute takes place at her place. At that point, she gets to know that her mother had encouraged Sunny to approach her.

Ginny gets angry with everyone and ends her relationship with sunny and with Nishant. However, she had a feeling for Sunny but resisted to express. Sunny does the same and in that ego, he decides to marry another girl name Neha Gulhati. Her Family is kind of a gangster. Sunny sends his marriage invitation to Ginny. And she decides to attend his marriage. However, it was difficult emotionally for both of them.

A day before Sunny’s marriage was Ginny’s birthday. And He celebrates her birthday the way her dad used to celebrate for her. By visiting school and Gurudwara. That day she realizes that Sunny is 100% perfect for her. She confesses it to him on the day of his marriage. And they decide to get married. Sunny breaks his marriage with Neha as she too had agreed and accepted Ginny and Sunny’s relationship. And after all the complication and confusion Ginny Weds Sunny!

The film talks about the relationship problems of the new generation. The egos and the confusion they face in the relations. The film has perfect Punjabi tadka in it. It well portrayed the families of the girl and the boy of modern thinking. The music is good. The song of Badshah, Neha Kakkar, and Mika Singh is a treat.

Stars- 3.5

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