Red Velvet’s Irene Pens A Heartfelt Apology And Letter To Fans For The First Time In Awhile.

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Red Velvet‘s Irene has been underground on social media for awhile despite a successful performance at SM Entertainment‘s SM Town live stream concert recently.
She took a few moments to pen a heartfelt note to fans for the first time in awhile through Lysn.
The star apologized once again for the matter and updated fans on her self-reflection.

” Hello. This is Irene. It’s been snowing lots and the weather is getting cold. Is everyone doing well? It’s late but I’m nervous coming to greet you guys via a post like this. Firstly, I wanted to apologize for causing many people such a huge pain and for worrying everyone due my lacking ways. When I was 19, in 2009, I started my trainee life and up to now, I stood before everyone as Red Velvet’s Irene. This is my life’s everything. As I came to an age that is both young and mature while living in the small society that is called the entertainment industry, I wanted to do better than anyone at my work, and I have always thought that achieving that is what is the most important to me. As I thought personally that I’ve been getting along fine with people around me, I did not realize that the way I communicate or express myself could become a problem and I thought that everyone’s way of communication was just different respectively.”

— Irene
Irene also shared her promise for the future, and wished fans a happy new year.

“In response to the past incident, I have been at the receiving end of much worry and reprimand, both by the public and of course, people around me. Due to this, I had the time to silently reflect on myself. Also, although I am undeserving, there were the members, fans and staff that took care of me by my side and I came to the realisation that it was due to the care of these people that I was able to promote without much issue all this while.

Just as much as we are unable to turn back time, I am also making efforts so as not to go back to my past self. I have realized the gravity of words and actions and will become a more mature person. In the future, I will not only try to show good sides of me as Red Velvet’s leader and as a singer, but I will also work hard so as not to disappoint everyone as the human, Bae Juhyun.

As this is something that happened due to my lacking ways, I hope that there will not be any more people that receive criticism due to it. It is late but, happy new year.”

— Irene

On that note, Irene concluded her heartwarming letter to fans. Stay tuned for what the ever-talented Red Velvet has for it’s fan in the new year!

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