Read On: 'Bhor' Helmed By Kamakhya Narayan Singh Speaks About Women Empowerment And A Lot More!

Read On: ‘Bhor’ Helmed By Kamakhya Narayan Singh Speaks About Women Empowerment And A Lot More!

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Filmmaker Kamakhya Narayan Singh’s film ‘Bhor’ has been unveiled on MX player for streaming.

The film showcases strong shades of women empowerment and highlights sanitation issues of rural India simultaneously offering an interesting take on the caste system.

In order to keep the film as realistic as possible there were extensive workshops for two months and the costumes shown in the film belong to people from the community. So, in the exclusive interaction with Kamakhya Narayan Singh director, he explained how he shot this film that came out so realistically well imbibe of the very culture of Bihar.

He explains, “Since childhood, I have seen Musahar community and one thing that I would like to take from them is simplicity. Every spiritual leader talks about it and I feel the people who have not seen the development are more simple and happy. They are poor but they don’t grind they are poor, they live happily with minimalistic resources.”

He would like to take simplicity from them and the things which he likes to give them and if he gets chance he wants to work for them and their community, as it is known for the symbol of politics but the education

Has not reached them yet properly.

For more insight into this beautiful film, please go checkout our exclusive conversation with director Kamakhya of ‘Bhor’, here:

The film has received critical acclaim at more than thirty film festivals including ‘Cairo International Film Festival’, ‘International Film Festival of India’ (GOA), Indo – Berlin Film Week (Berlin), Melbourne India Film Festival, Australia.

The film also won best director award at Ottawa Indian Film Festival and two awards Caleidoscope Indian Film festival of Boston.

The film revolves around Budhni, a girl from the Musahar community in Bihar who dreams to pursue her education despite her marriage below legal age and how she fights all odds to build a toilet for sanitation.

The film has an ensemble cast of Nalneesh Neel, Devesh Rajan, Saveri Sree Gaur & Punya Prasun Bajpai.

‘Bhor’ is produced by AK Singh of Gyanesh Films and is helmed by Kamakhya Narayan Singh.

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