Is Rani Mukherjee Planning A Second Baby With Aditya Chopra, After Adira?!


Bollywood actress Rani Mukherjee has come a long way from the start of her successful career in the Film industry. From the beginning in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai as Tina to becoming Babli in Bunty and Babli, to lastly becoming the fearless Shivani in Mardaani, Rani Mukherjee has definitely conquered the hearts of many through her awesome roles and beautiful acting skills. Not just the fans but even ace director and producer, Aditya Chopra is big fan of his wife!

Well, recently Rani was present at the India Today Conclave East 2017, in Kolkata. On Day 1, itself she spoke to media about her life post marriage, motherhood, nepotism as well as her memorable journey throughout until now, in Bollywood.

How she came about to making acting her career in life.

I never wanted to be an actor. My mum wanted me to be an actor, I actually agreed to her wish. My father was very against my mum’s wish. He was not very keen that I join films because he has been in the industry for so long. He thought that I wasn’t too strong to go through the perils of cinema. I told my mum she should reconsider as I will make a fool of myself. But she wanted me to at least try. I did it and I realised that I wanted to do this. And then, there was no looking back.

Talking on the most sensitive subject, Nepotism.

I wouldn’t say I had a soft landing. In film industry, you get where you get because of your talent and merit. We have to sweat in out and work in all kinds of environment and wait for the audience to accept you or not accept you. You may be the brother, sister or daughter of a popular actor or director, and still not be accepted. When I got into films, my dad wasn’t a very successful producer or director. Nepotism debate is baseless. People have come from non-filmi background and made it big in Bollywood.

About her most Favourite role till date.

It has to be Black. Such characters come seldom in your life. It makes you touch a human side. It goes beyond just performance. Black is a film that changed me as a person and as a performer.

Her opinions on the recent Padmavati Controversy.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali doesn’t need a Rani Mukerji to back him on a platform like this. Sanjay truly believes how much I love him and how I stand by him.

On her experience in working with Amitabh Bachchan.

He is truly a legend. It is easy to work with him. You get to learn so much from him. I am lucky to have played so many roles with him.

Talking about the variety of roles she has performed until now.

When I approach a particular script, at times I find it very easy to play the part. And at times, I find it very challenging. It is important to make a character believable. I was lucky to play varied roles. Actors are like beggars. Whatever comes to them, they will have to choose. Out of the five scripts that are given to me, I need to choose which one I need to do.

When she was asked whether there shall any new addition to the family.

I don’t talk about work with Aditya. I don’t tell him to cast me in films, I can only tell him when do we make our next baby. My conversation with Adi is all about love and Adira. I can’t have a huge family as I think I have missed the bus. I should have started long time ago. But I can always try for a second child.

When asked about her experience in working in Hinchki.

The two years break I took for my baby, I told my director I might not do it. I am too domesticated. He said if we work around the timing. I asked him I don’t know if I can act. When I went for the first day of the shoot for Hichki, I found it so easy. And I should never forget that this is who I am.

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