Rani Mukerji's biggest learning has been to keep her learning! Read On!

Rani Mukerji’s biggest learning has been to keep her learning! Read On!

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Bollywood star Rani Mukerji will complete 25 years in the Indian film industry this year. In this 25 year journey, she has been a recipient of many awards including seven Filmfare. Rani has portrayed some of the most iconic and powerful women on screen. Her best-known works are, Hichki, Kal Ho Na Ho, Veer- Zara, Mardani, and so on. For this female icon of Indian cinema, her 25-year journey has been about constant learning.

Rani says, “My biggest learning has been to keep learning. This has been my biggest learning. I think learning for an artist never stops. So, for me, my biggest learning has been to just focus on work and continue to do that with utmost sincerity.”

Rani credits her fans for being a huge pillar of strength. She says, “Without my fans, I would not have been able to survive, especially with the kind of prejudices a married actress with a baby has to go through. The fact that they have supported me throughout is nothing short of a miracle and that’s why I’m still working and doing relevant work.”

Looking back at her 25 years journey Rani says, “When I think of the number of years, it seems like a very long time but honestly for me it just seems like my journey has never stopped. It’s just gone on and on since the day I was 16 and started working. Now, 25 years feels the same because the struggle is yet on, learning is still on as an actor. There is a lot that I have to accomplish, there is a lot that I have to learn.”

When asked about her biggest lesson as an actor, Rani says, “For an actor, learning never stops and the more experience I have with different directors, different technicians, different co-stars, I get to learn a lot. It still feels nice and I am raring to go because with each film, I kind of discover a new me and I love telling stories – important stories, powerful women stories.”

Rani will be next seen in the much-awaited Bunty Aur Bubli 2 and Mrs. Chatterjee VS Norway, a true story that sees her take on a country for her family.

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