Rangoli Chandel Is Definitely A True Blue Hero In Ways More Than One!

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A story of courage, victory over mind and overcoming the fear of society, Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli Chandel has definitely one of the most REAL heroes within our society, today!

Rangoli Chandel, the one who manages the force of Bollywood aka Kangana Ranaut, is a brave and courageous soul! An acid-attack survivor, Rangoli always manages to encourage others to be as positive in life as possible! Talking about her acid attack, it all happened when Kangana’s sister was studying engineering in Dehradun. It was one fine day, post refusing her attackers’ proposal, that her life took a drastic turn!

However, the women never shies away from telling her story of struggle and baring her scars to the society. After all, isn’t our society just as much to blame for such cases, for being ignorant of such a grave crime that has little to no means of righteous punishments!

Rangoli, while telling her own story, once reiterated the horrors of what she had to face while suffering through the consequences of saying ‘NO’! “I was struggling for my life. When acid goes deep inside your skin and if you’re not treated on time, it attacks your organs also. When the incident happened, I was struggling for my life … the psychological problems, the scar problems, was not on mind,” she said.

Coming to the mental trauma post her attack, and the physical pain, let’s not forget the issue of being constantly judged by the society. Rangoli commented, “My sister was there, who inspired me. I am more confident today than I was before the acid attack. I know my strengths and weaknesses. My accident has taught me a lot.”

Rangoli Chandel is full of positivity, post her attack, she took up the task to manage her sister’s work all around. However, without losing hope to do more and bigger things in life, she has the thought of opening up her own production house one day!

“Right now, I am managing Kangana. But I have bigger goals. I would like to produce a film and Kangana will direct it,” she added.

Since Deepika Padukone’s Chhapaak has released, acid-attack survivors are to be no more considered as victims but victorious! Hence, people like Laxmi Agarwal and Rangoli Chandel make us realize the grave dangers we face on a daily basis in our society, but they also give us hope to fight for a better future!


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