PREDICTIONS! Here Is When India Will Supposedly Get Rid Of Covid-19


How are you people? Bored of the Covid-19 lockdown. After the Unlock, there is again another lockdown imposed on the janta. This is so frustrating! How can one tolerate staying in the house for so long? In fact, many people have gone into depression because of these long stays at home. Not only that, the number of domestic quarrels have also gone up.

Now people are just raring to go out! One more day of lockdown and people are just going to explode. F@#% you, Covid-19, you have taken the fun out of life.

So, here is something that will relieve you a bit. We are going to do a planetary reading to assess how long this pandemic is ravage our lives. So what do the stars have in store for us?

This pandemic started when Saturn and Ketu coupled together in Sagittarius with Jupiter. Since both of them were with the lord of the house, the destruction was a bit on the lower side. Saturn and Ketu are not good together but still, it is not the worst possible astro combination.

But the real problem started when Jupiter and Saturn shifted in Capricorn where Jupiter gets debilitated. Jupiter being the lord of medicinal drugs in its neecha sign means that an illness was underway. But the main problem started because of Saturn and Mars combination.

Mars was sitting silently in Capricorn waiting for the two new inhabitants. And when the three planets got together, we saw the biggest pandemic in modern times and still we are facing the consequences. So much tragedy. It kind of weans you from happiness.

When Will It All End?

Saturn will be transiting to Aquarius in December 2020. So, it is likely you will be facing the negative effects of the pandemic till then. Until that time, there is going to be no respite. But things will be on the brighter side from September 2020 onwards because, Jupiter will start moving towards Aquarius itself. But it will enter in Aquarius on April 6th, after which there will be significant improvement.

Another thing to be noted is that the economic effects of the pandemic will be felt till 2023. So brace yourself for austere two years and keep your budget under control.

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