Popular Midday Matinee Gossip Show On News Channel Baselessly Blames Parth Samthaan For Halting Kasautii Zindagii Kay Shoot

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A popular news channel’s matinee show has come out and blamed Parth Samthaan without any proof. These baseless allegations have pissed off many Parth fans who cannot digest the fact that a national level news channel could come out with such misrepresented facts.

According to the show which is relayed at 2.30 pm on primetime matinee, the host on the show said that Parth had returned to the show without finishing his quarantine time. The audacious host even went on to say that it was Ekta Kapoor who provoked Parth to return early without even observing the self-quarantine measures in the correct manner.

But this is not at all true.

Parth came back to Mumbai on 17 June. He started shooting from 27 June onwards. After 25 days, he was tested as Covid-19 positive. And we all know it takes 10-14 days for the symptoms to show up. It’s sad that one person who is doing so much for the show without showing any sort of tantrums has to go through all this. Few people are still not stopping from blaming Parth in all this.

Here is the proof –

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But in the end it doesn’t even matter at all 🤷❤️😂 @the_parthsamthaan #parthianforever #parthsamthaan #manikmalhotra #anuragbasu #faisalkazi #nawab #kaisiyehyaariaan #kyy #kasautiizindagiikay2 #kzk #kzk2 #khenekohumsafarhain2 #maiherobollrahahu

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Here is a news report from a leading Hindi newspaper –

Parth had finished his quarantine time and only after that he started shooting for the show.

Till 11 July, he was shooting continuously, even before any other actor started their shoot. He started his shoot at 7 am.

And imagine the show having guts to blame him for going to Hyderabad and having Covid-19 is absolutely unethical and fake. They are doing this just for the sake of TRPs.

All the proofs are in front of you. Now only your voice can decide. You can show Parth support by voicing your opinion in the comments section.

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  1. So true 💯 thanks for letting out the truth ..that media portal day by day crossing all the limits to defame parth .. it feels nice to see there are still true journalism who put out proofs and facts !!! Thank you so much once again

  2. He is sick for heaven’s sake when will these media stop harassing him. For him to show symptoms on mid July means he caught it on July first right just about the time he actually started shooting. Instead of praying for him they attack him like this shame on them and thank you for clearing the truth.

  3. Its not parth fault there is a girl on show i haven’t remember her name but she have cocina viruse and he come to the set so its her fault you won’t blaming her for this and secondly he is in the problem so don’t blaming her for this and pray for her speedy recovery plz for god sake