PopDiaries Recommends: Plug-in your Earphones and listen to an Iconic band ‘Linkin Park’ to overcome your Teenage Angst.


The feeling of being dragged within yourself is a bad feeling; the feeling of someone latching on to you and dragging you down to the depths of the unknown dark side from wherein you don’t have anyone and you don’t know how to get out is difficult to handle and more difficult to talk about it with someone. In situations like this music is the only companion that can help you to overcome that overwhelmingly bad feeling. Pop Dairies are here to recommend you to plug in your earphones and listen to this iconic band ‘Linkin Park’. The band is and has always been about the anger, teenage angst and anarchy.

Linkin Park established in 1996 with their demo tape ‘Xero’ in 1997. Band’s current lineup comprises with vocalist/rhythm guitarist Mike Shinoda, lead guitarist Brad Delson, drummer Rob Bourdon, DJ/ keyboardist Joe Hahn, bassist Dave Farrell and lead vocalist Chester Bennington. Branded as Alternative rock, the band’s earlier music spanned a fusion of heavy metal and Hip Hop, while they later transitioned into more Electronic Rock and Pop Influenced music.

With there debut studio album Hybrid Theory (2000) they got instant success; with singles ‘One Step Closer’ which dominated the billboard charts. Their second studio album, Meteora (2003), continued the band’s road to success. The band discovered experimental sounds on their 3rd studio album, Minutes to Midnight (2007).

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By the end of the decade, the band was one of the most successful rock bands of the 2000s. They sustained to explore a wider variation of musical types on their 4th album, A Thousand Suns (2010), layering their compositions to more electronic sounds. The band’s 5th album, Living Things (2012), amalgamated musical rudiments from all of their previous records. In their 6th album, The Hunting Party (2014), the ferocious band returned to its heavier rock sound, and their 7th studio album, One More Light (2017), was their first pop-oriented record.

Linkin Park sang the song of anger, anarchy and rebellion: one of the biggest appeals of the band was the way they defied convention. Their music appealed to the rebel that lives in every teenager and gave us a way to channel that anger.

“Crawling in my skin
These wounds they will not lead
Fear is How I fall
Confusing What is Real”

Another reason to listen to this ferocious alternative rock band is that they understood the feeling and angst we all go through one time. I’m a teenager and sometimes I suffer with teen angst but Linkin Park’s songs are the way to find out comfort in such situations with their singles like ‘Somewhere I Belong’.

“I will never know myself until I do this on my own
And I will never feel anything else, until my wounds are healed
I will never be anything till I break away from me
I will break away and find myself today”

One of the band’s member Late Chester Bennington grieved from mental health issues, bullying and sexual abuse. Same was the case of all the other band members too, they all suffered from stress, anxiety, depression. So, they were aware about the feeling of drowning into the dark side and they never wanted anyone else to suffer from any of this. They tried to influence their music to help those who are suffering from any sort of mental health issues and also tried to motivate them with their, the songs were wrecked with pain and desolation. ‘Bleed it Out’ was a song spoke about fighting their inner demons and battles with

“Truth is you can stop and stare
Bled myself out and no one cares
Dug a trench out, laid down there
With a shovel up out of reach somewhere”

The band filled the gap between the Rap and Rock that is very iconic but they did it very well and. In the rock genre edumacating the audience plays a very vital role for a band’s success and Linkin Park did it exponentially. They don’t believe in the boundaries of genre and their songs like ‘In the End’, ‘Papercut’ and some of my favorites that bridge the gap between the between these two genres are ‘Numb’ and ‘Encore’ mash up.

Linkin Park went on a hiatus when longtime lead vocalist Chester Bennington committed suicide in July 2017. In April 2020, bassist Dave Farrell revealed the band is working on new music.

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