SHINee's Youngest Member Taemin Officialy Announced His Solo Fan Club!

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SHINee fans, get ready to celebrate! Taemin has just unveiled the official fan club name and logo, marking a special moment for fans worldwide. The fan club, named TAEMate is set to open on the 13th and run until June 2, for his admirers to register themselves as Taemin’s fans.


On May 8, SHINee's youngest member, Taemin, announced an exciting development for his fans, unveiling the official name and logo for his fan club. At 12 noon, Taemin shared the news that his official fan club would be named TAEMate. The name TAEMate is a clever blend of TAEMIN and MATE, signifying a close friendship between Taemin and his fans. It encapsulates the idea of being Taemin's closest and most supportive friend.

Accompanying the announcement was the release of the fan club's official logo, which prominently displayed the name TAEMate along with details about the fan club recruitment period. Fans were thrilled to learn that recruitment for TAEMate would commence on the 13th of May and extend until June 2. Further information about the recruitment process will be made available through official social networking service (SNS) channels.

In a statement, Taemin's agency, Big Planet Made Entertainment expressed their anticipation for the special bond that would form between Taemin and his devoted fans, affectionately known as TAEMates. They encouraged fans to look forward to the meaningful interactions and shared experiences that would unfold in the future, as Taemin continues to receive an outpouring of love and support from his loyal TAEMates.

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