K-pop Fans Unite To Defend SHINee's Minho Over A Bizarre Tweet!

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The idol in question is SHINee‘s Minho, a beloved idol that even non-SHINee fans can’t help but love. Not only is he incredibly handsome and charismatic, but he also just seems like a genuinely good person and has had a positive reputation for the entire duration of his 15-year career.


That’s why, when the below tweet was posted calling Minho a “basic Korean man”, the entirety of the K-Pop fandom came to defend him against the statement.

The tweet was immediately met with tons of backlash from Shawols and non-Shawols alike, with seemingly every K-Pop fandom imaginable coming to share their love for Minho.

The tweet ended up going viral (currently with 2.8 million views) because of all the attention it got from Minho’s defenders, and some of the comments are pretty hilarious too!

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