IU Teases Her Upcoming MV Starring BTS' V!

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IU recently provided a sneak peek into her upcoming music video featuring V of BTS. On December 25, she shared a vlog on her YouTube channel, offering a glimpse into her forthcoming album scheduled for release next year. IU dropped some hints that have heightened fans' anticipation for what's to come. The music video, even before its debut, is already creating substantial excitement. Industry insiders and critics are lauding the collaboration, recognizing it not merely as a typical music video but as a cinematic masterpiece.


South Korean singer IU treated her fans by uploading a vlog on her personal YouTube channel on December 25, 2023. The vlog provided a behind-the-scenes look at her experience filming a commercial. Throughout the video, IU shared various stories and anecdotes while undergoing hair and makeup.

 Notably, she discussed her collaboration with BTS' V for an upcoming music video, sparking excitement among fans eager for spoilers. IU revealed that the music video had an impressive visual appeal even without computer-generated effects, distinguishing it from her previous works. She hinted at the incorporation of action-related aesthetics, adding an intriguing element that naturally captured fans' curiosity.


When questioned about the music video, IU expressed immense satisfaction, stating, "It's something that you've never seen in IU's MVs." Notably, the video was shot by the acclaimed director Uhm Tae Hwa, whom IU praised during discussions about the music video. This acknowledgment has heightened fans' excitement for its release.

On December 5, 2023, both BIGHIT MUSIC and EDAM Entertainment, representing BTS' V and IU respectively, officially confirmed their collaboration on a music video. Despite V not contributing musically to IU's upcoming solo track, it was disclosed that the idol would feature alongside her.

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