Pride Month Special: Iconic Queer Characters That Rule Our Hearts

Mitch & Cam

This beloved pair from Modern Family are couple goals, one of the best representations of gay community.


Rue, played by Zendaya from the popular show is homosexual and has a relationship with Jules.

Kurt Hummel

A complete diva, Kurt Hummel from Glee is one the early representations of the queer community. The show also explores his struggles before and after coming out.

David Rose

David Rose from Schitt's Creek is one of the few pansexual representations in pop culture, and his wine analogy remains iconic.


Stranger Things which is set in the 80s timeline, explores Robin's homosexuality when it was not accepted in the society.

Captain Holt

Captain Holt from Brooklyn Nine Nine is a great representation of the queer community without stereotyping the character.


Marvel's God of Mischief, one of the favourite characters of the fans, was confirmed as bisexual in his own sequel series.