From Jungkook To Taehyung, All The Times BTS SOLD OUT Branded Merch Faster Than Light!

By Kanan Parmar
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Credits: People

Well it's no new that whatever BTS buys or recommends or wears get sold out within minutes by their dedicated fan base ARMY. 


Out of all the members BTS' V aka Kim Taehyung is known as sold out fairy. He is also known as #HistoryMakerV.

If you’re unaware of the power of BTS and its army of fans, we’ll get you up to speed now. 

Jin’s Good Day and Bad Day pyjamas, which were released as part of the new Artist-Made collections conceptualised and designed by each BTS member? Sold out in minutes, despite concerns about it being too expensive (at US$110 per set, even Jin himself was surprised at the high price). The Boston bag designed by V? Gone in one second. Similarly, RM’s windchimes and Suga’s guitar pick necklace were sold out even before Armys (what BTS fans are called) could add to cart. We’re sure that when Jimin, J-Hope and Jung-kook’s collections launch in the next few days and weeks, the bloodbath to own a small piece of the Bangtan boys will be as real.


Also when RM caused that US$1,330 Louis Vuitton carrot pouch to sell out after posting a selfie with it in the background.

In one of their promotions at SBS, Inkigayo Jimin was spotted looking radiant in a cropped open collar black striped cotton sweater by the French luxury brand CELINE worth ₩1.25 Million (~965 USD). The exquisite item was later reported to have been sold out in all available sizes on the official website showcasing his incredible brand power.

Once Jimin wore stylish and casual Sandro Polo sweater, black pants, Bottega Venetta sandals, and a bucket hat. Soon after this, the Bottega Venetta sandals were sold out on the brand's official website. The see-through nude-colored SANDRO sweater also sold out on Farfetch, and the H&M jeans bucket hat also went out of stock after attracting a lot of interest for being a unique accessory item. He also sold out the Zadig & Voltaire T-shirt worn during the pre-recording on music shows.


Jungkook managed to make a $2,850 Louis Vuitton jacket sell out in 29 countries! Despite the shattering price, the jacket has sold out in all the countries that the company ships to, including Korea, United Kingdom, and Canada. It just proves the influence Jungkook has and how much people trust his fashion taste! For the cover of the August 2020 edition of Vogue Japan, the 25-year-old wore Prada’s Nylon Gabardine Blouson Jacket. The US$3,000 jacket sold out online in 25 countries, according to reports.

BTS’ Jimin, a rep for Dior, wore a Louis Vuitton jumper that sold out – same with V’s US$5,000 Tom Ford suit.Recently V sold out Rs 22 lakhs necklace of Cartier after officially been declared as the new brand ambassador for Cartier.

J-hope's mini bag and HOPE pot set sold out in under 49 seconds and 36 seconds respectively on the U.S. store. Furthermore, the products sold out in 41 seconds and 44 seconds respectively on the Global store.

But there have also been plenty of times when BTS members have caused items to fly off the shelves without meaning to, such as when they’re spotted wearing or using certain products in their livestream videos or Run BTS variety show. Basically, a mere association with BTS, no matter how tenuous, is enough to cause products to be completely wiped out by fans, as Armys are willing to buy anything to feel closer to their idols. BTS members have unintentionally caused everything from kombucha tea and sandwiches to earrings, bags and sunglasses to sell out. Now that’s power.

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