BTS' Jungkook Is On Roll After His Single Dropped, From Performing With V On Stage To Defending Armies And Mentioning About India!

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Jungkook, the youngest member of BTS, has been regularly holding live sessions on Weverse and interacting with his fans. On Sunday night, Jungkook surprised BTS ARMY as he spoke about his love for chicken makhani and naan.


A fan asked Jungkook, "Have you had Indian food?" He said, "Someone asked if I've ever tried Indian food. Chicken makhani. You know naan? You dip it in the curry and eat it. I really love that. Eating it with curry. God, I want to eat it so bad. It’d be delicious. I'm hungry. I’m starving. Please don't talk about food. I beg you."

Taking to Twitter, BTS ARMY reacted to Jungkook liking the dishes. A fan said, "That's actually the most popular Indian dish among foreigners.

BTS's Jungkook made his highly-anticipated solo debut with "Seven (feat. LATTO)." The track immediately captured fans' hearts, and Jungkook's performance on Inkigayo was nothing short of phenomenal.


However, the highlight of the show was the announcement of the winner. The nominees included BTS's Jungkook, NCT DREAM, and NewJeans. In an exciting turn of events, Jungkook clinched the victory with his solo debut track "Seven (feat. LATTO)."

As Jungkook celebrated his triumph, he proved that BTS members are each other's biggest fans. During his music show performance, a special someone made a surprise appearance to support him – none other than BTS's V! ARMYs (BTS fans) were delighted when photos surfaced after the show, showing V standing beside Jungkook, celebrating his success.

On July 30 KST, BTS's Jungkook took to Weverse and posted some selfies, along with the caption, "O...Our ARMYs sing well!!!" Jungkook was referring to a recently circulating discussion among netizens following his encore stage on SBS's music broadcast 'Inkigayo'. During his encore stage, ARMYs in the audience seats were heard singing along to Jungkook's "Seven", to cheer him on. However, many netizens commented that the ARMYs may need more practice in their chants and sing alongs, alleging that the fans sounded terrible.

Jungkook seemed to have noticed these discussion posts criticizing ARMYs and their singing abilities, as he was quick to defend the ARMYs.

 Well all BTS members are quick to react when any allegations comes on ARMYs, this shows their love and passion for their fans. We are loving all the cute moments and interactions related to Jungkook. Can't wait for his new single and mini-album to be released in November.

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