Pop Culture: How Independence Has Backfired Our Cultural Adoption and Made The Youth Fall For Westernization


India as a country gained independence after facing wrath struggle from Britishers. However, it is said that Britishers in a way brought about good changes in Indian society. India started developing because of them. Be it building railways and other transport, developing infrastructure. Other than that, the major changes they brought were in our culture and traditional norms. It penetrated modern ideas into the minds of people.

Sati practices were prohibited. Education was promoted especially for girls. It introduced Indians to modern principles like democracy, sovereignty. Britain helped liberalism take root in India by institutionalizing it through schools and colleges, newspapers, and colonial law courts, and thereby converted an entire generation of Indians to a way of thinking about their own future. It changed the primitive norms and values.

Today after seven decades of independence India is a completely different country. And the transformation of it is phenomenal. But when I think about it from the other way around I realize that there are cons of this modernization that Britain introduced us. It seems that we have forgotten our old values and ethics completely. We have lost touch with our ethnic culture.

We have started celebrating days like father’s and mother’s day. Well, Indian culture says that parents have to be worshipped every day you don’t need to have one special day to thank them it has to be done every day. If we see the way we celebrate our other festivals we have given a modern touch to every bit of it. During the Ganesh festival, traditional music instruments are replaced by DJs. We have commercialized the festival of Krishna Janmashtami were a huge amount of prices are announced. Diwali too has become a festival of show off rather than a festival of light celebrated with family and friends.

Today’s youth don’t follow and know what our original culture is! Even language for that matter, they mix different languages with English. At times they can’t even speak their mother tongue properly. Due to short-form trends, their languages are grammatically wrong and it is not pure.

We are losing our ethnicity. Taking from our food to fashion we have westernized it. This has also increased the gap between rural India and urban India because in rural places we can still find the “Indianess.” We are at a point where there is Bharat VS India. Now it is up to the youth of the nation that we keep our original traditional norms, ethics, values, and morals alive to make the roots grow stronger. 

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