Calcutta Police Expose Hoax Bomb Threats to Schools; Case Lodged Against Sender

On a recent event, the Calcutta Police have uncovered a series of hoax bomb threats sent to various schools. An investigation has been launched, resulting in a case being filed against the anonymous sender.

By Megha Badiger
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Hoax Bomb Threats

Image Credits: Hoax Bomb Threats

On July 12, 2021, the city of Kolkata was struck with a wave of panic as several schools received hoax bomb threats through email. The threats contained a warning of a bomb planted in the school premises and demanded a ransom of Rs. 50 lakh to be deposited in a designated bank account. This led to a state of chaos and fear among the students, parents, and school staff. However, in a swift and efficient action, the Calcutta Police have exposed these threats to be a hoax and have lodged a case against the sender.


The Threats and the Panic

The hoax bomb threats were sent to a total of 10 schools in Kolkata, including some prominent ones like La Martiniere for Boys, South Point High School, and Oaktree International School. The emails were sent from a fake ID, claiming to be a representative of a terrorist organization. The sender warned of a bomb being planted in the school premises and threatened to trigger the blast if their demand for a ransom was not met within 24 hours.

The threats sent shock waves throughout the city, with parents panicking and schools being forced to shut down. The police department was flooded with calls from worried parents and panic-stricken school authorities. The incident also sparked concerns among the general public, raising questions about the security of schools and the safety of students.


The Resolute Action by the Police

The Calcutta Police immediately sprang into action and initiated an investigation into the matter. A team was formed to trace the source of the emails and to nab the culprit behind this heinous act. The police also coordinated with the schools and provided tight security to ensure the safety of the students.

Using advanced technology and their expertise, the police were able to trace the IP address of the sender, which turned out to be fake. However, with the help of cyber experts, they were able to track down the main accused, a 55-year-old man from the Howrah district. The man is said to be suffering from a mental disorder and has a past criminal record. He was arrested and charged under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code.


The Case and Legal Ramifications

The accused has been booked under charges of criminal intimidation, extortion, and forgery. The police have also seized his electronic devices and are conducting a thorough investigation to gather more evidence against him. It has been reported that the accused was seeking financial help and resorted to sending these threats as a way to obtain money.

The incident has raised concerns about the safety and security protocols in schools and the loopholes that need to be addressed. The police have assured the public that appropriate measures will be taken to enhance the security of schools and maintain a strict vigil over any such incidents.

The swift action by the Calcutta Police in exposing and apprehending the sender of the hoax bomb threats to schools is admirable. Their efficient handling of the situation has helped in restoring peace and order in the city. However, it is alarming to see how easily such incidents can cause mass panic and chaos. It is the responsibility of every citizen to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities to the authorities. Let us all work together to ensure the safety and security of our schools, students, and society as a whole.

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