Is Apple's New NameDrop Feature Safe? Experts Agree as Police Warn of Risks

Apple's NameDrop feature faces mixed opinions on safety. While experts support it, police warn of potential risks. Users should exercise caution to mitigate potential security concerns.

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 New NameDrop Feature

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As Apple releases its new NameDrop feature, technology owners are asking: Is it safe? This is an important question because NameDrop helps users share their data with others more quickly and easily. Unfortunately, experts and police alike agree that there are potential risks with this new technology that all users should be aware of before deciding to use it. 


So, what is the NameDrop feature? It’s Apple’s latest iOS 11 update feature which allows users to securely share their contact details such as their name, address, and phone number with those they are in contact with. The data can be quickly shared with just a single gesture on your screen. On the surface, this sounds great – no need to have lengthy conversations about exchanging contact information, and you aren’t dependent on having a business card. While NameDrop is a convenient feature, the potential risks should be considered. 

Experts are warning that there is potential for data theft from those with malicious intent. At this time, there is no way to know for certain whether a person collecting your data is someone you would or should want to provide it. And, there is no way to opt out of NameDrop, which means users may be unintentionally revealing sensitive and private information. 

Also, while Apple says that NameDrop is anonymous, police are warning that data is being stored in the cloud, meaning it’s open to access. With the proliferation of ransomware, hackers can gain access to your data and then demand a ransom or release your data publicly. 

Considering these potential risks, Apple has made it clear that NameDrop should not be used to share sensitive, financial, or personal data. Until Apple can provide more control over the security and privacy of NameDrop, experts and law enforcement officials are recommending that users use caution and limit the data that they share via NameDrop. 

Ultimately, the decision to use the NameDrop feature is up to the user. It's important to consider both the convenience and the risks associated with using the feature. For now, the best approach is to limit the data you share and avoid using NameDrop if you are sharing sensitive information.

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