Aarzoo Khurana Completed Groundbreaking Tiger Reserves Project ATR: Unveiling India's Majesty

Internationally recognized as a wildlife photographer and advocate, Aarzoo Khurana, is pushing boundaries by entering a new area of her career.

By Dhwani Joshi
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Internationally recognized wildlife photographer and advocate, Aarzoo Khurana, is pushing boundaries by entering a new area of her career. It was her dream to complete a trip to India's magnificent tiger regions—tiger reserves in India. She documented the journey to tell the tale of these magnificent animals, tigers, and the habitats they occupy. All 55 tiger reserves in India have been explored through the All Tiger Reserves (ATR) project, which showcases the nation's diversity and highlights India's small tiger reserves.


 Aarzoo and her team have successfully completed the ATR project and explored all 55 tiger reserves in India, traveling 38,000 km and visiting 150+ destinations. On April 19, 2024, Aarzoo concluded the 6.5-month journey by exploring the Combat Tiger Reserve, marking the project's completion.

 About ATR: All Tiger Reserves Project

The All Tiger Reserves (ATR) project is India’s most innovative and unprecedented initiative, which was never taken before. Its massive dimensions and the complexity it presents may act as obstacles. This project was mentored by Aarzoo Khurana, who has the backing of excellent experts who are passionate about it. Therefore, they turn their attention to all 55 Indian tiger reserves. After all, it is not merely about the normal journey of a wildlife lover but about exhibiting the real beauty lying under the uncovered small tiger reserves. Aarzoo and her dedicated team members pay attention to every person they interact with and every aspect of the tour they visit to create a beautiful documentary of each tiger reserve.


ATR has assembled a crew that diligently captures every moment of their wayfinding day-by-day while exploring the vast natural backdrop of India. Their goal is not only to gift the image of the magnificent tigers as well as their environments, but also the people, their cultures, and the stories that enrich the colorful mosaic of India.

 Challenges & Adventure Of ATR: Aarzoo And Her Team 

At the same time as undertaking the unique ATR project, Aarzoo met the following difficulties: inclement weather, unfavorable soil, and various outcomes. Yet she never lost her ember to the tigers and remained a fervent wildlife defender. She told one story from one of those trips, which was that of following a female tiger named Katrina, who was the mother of two newborn cubs. Aarzoo's crew had been eager to see the cubs, which were reported to be off if they were around 40–50 days old at the moment. Tiger cubs are one of the most furtive in nature; therefore, many people cannot see them because the mothers keep those cubs well hidden.


For a few days, they continued to travel in the endless forests, and finally, during an evening safari, they saw the tigress and the cub. The cub was running just after Mother Tiger and was hiding behind her leg due to being shy. Aarzoo could not stop herself from taking a click of that little button, even with a hidden smile on her face. Of course, it will be among her best-ever sightings while in nature. This is the point that they will keep forever, and they will create many such precious moments when they are traveling.

 The ATR project was designed so that it can raise awareness about the tigers' significance and, at the same time, track the process of successful recovery of the tiger population globally. Through her work, Arazoo aims to light the fire within her audience to act and bring awareness to conserve the survival of this endangered species.

Vision Of ATR: Awareness Campaign For Small Tiger Reserves 


 Being intensively involved in that sphere, Aarzoo, and her whole team get all the necessary resources to perform such a big undertaking. Through ATR, tigers not only play witness to their present but also their future. It can make a significant difference in the conservation of tigers and their habitat by creating awareness of the obstacles they face. It is important to remember Aarzoo Khurana's All Tiger Reserves program, which she completed to draw attention to the hidden gems in these places and support local businesses in growing. The additional money the city will likely receive from the influx of tourists will go a long way toward improving the tiger reserves. According to Aarzoo, when people have a deeper understanding of and empathy for wildlife, they will work harder to preserve the planet's priceless fauna.

 About Aarzoo Khurana 

 Aarzoo's accomplishments have been the recipients of much acclaim, with her social following even surpassing two million and her photos gracing top magazines in the world, including Discovery, Nat Geo, and BBC Earth. She served as a constituent of Sony and was also a recipient of a recipient of countless awards for her leading work.


 Aarzoo's commitment and love for her career have transcended international boundaries and motivated millions worldwide. One of the many key aspects that ATR highlights is the fact that passion, perseverance, and belief are the ingredients for success in every area of work. Similar to any other step in her famous road, her journey with ATR is one more development in her powerful career, and we are excited to know what she and her crew are going to do next.






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