PadMan turns 3: Here’s How The Akshay Kumar Starrer Was A Breaker Of Myths On Menstruation!

PadMan turns 3: Here’s How The Akshay Kumar Starrer Was A Breaker Of Myths On Menstruation!

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The movie on menstruation is hardly to get but Akshay Kumar starrer film Padman did it! And it revolves around the real story of how India’s “menstrual man” Arunachalam Muruganantham came up with a revolutionary new method of producing low cost-effective sanitary pads.

And today, on February 9, this incredible film turns 3 years. On this occasion and to call-out how Padman broke all the myths on menstruation.

It is known that how most of the women in India uses a piece of cloth during their period days and the real man behind this revolutionary to wear pads mostly among the rural women. The film changed the perspective of girls to turn their cloth into a pad.

They also made us believe that even lost cost pads can be good we buy it from a proper one, as there are many healthy pads which are high at prices.

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It is bad when a woman is not able to talk openly about menstruation if a man talks everyone stares it goes the same when a woman talks it openly will stare if she has done a murder.

Even boys can buy a pad for their lady, what is the problem in that?

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Why to cover a packet of pads with a newspaper, is it illegal or doing something like smuggling?

Why stay at home and sit aside while menstruating? If you have a proper piece of absorber you need not worry about stains on your cloth or anything.

If they say it is impurity then we say it is a cycle of a woman that visits every month and the man who does crimes or rapes is ok and they can visit or touch Gods. But a period being apart of women’s life is not ok to visit temples and more.

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Still, they are many villages-cities around the globe who follows the old tradition of being at home for more than 5-7 days, and sit aside.

Padman tried to highlight every problem of the woman going through her period days and at the end said to accept it happily and not to see it as a crime.

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And being able to manage menstruation safely and without stigma is a basic human right that many women and girls are denied. The silence and stigma around menstruation cannot be replaced by a new form of the sanitary pad; it can however be challenged by discussion and awareness and Padman can perhaps play an important role in starting the conversation.

Especially Thank-you Akshay Kumar for always bringing up the social cause movies and breaking stereotypical thoughts. Wishing Padman movie makers and actors, Happy 3 years!

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