Outfit Inspiration for Casual Dates

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What were the times when we all used to get ready in front of the mirrors for a date we’d been planning for days? Calling our best friends for advice on what to wear and gathering the last minute tips to rock the date. But in these stressful times, we are all evolving and starting to meet and see people online. From using Bumble to Tinder, we’ve come a long way but still it’s a hard process to get through the drama and hassle of “What to Wear”. Well here I bring you 6 outfit ideas for casual dates, both online and offline!

1) Wide leg Pants

For a casual date night, pair up your comfortable wide leg pants with a nice sweater or camisole. Go for a bold or print pair and add some statement jewelry to your outfit. It is perfect for a chic vibe!

2) A Breezy Maxi Dress

To be in your own element, wear a Maxi Dress which would help your body breathe. To compliment the dress, use layered necklace to keep the look simple and cazz! This is a statement look and anyone can pull this off!

3) Jeans with a Twist

Jeans is a very suitable choice for a casual date night. It gives a very sophisticated look when paired with a dainty camisole or a nice leather jacket for a tough look. From wearing sneakers to stilettos, anything would compliment the denim look.

4) The Blazer Look

Adding a solid coloured blazer on top of a mediocre outfit can make it look outstanding. A black or white blazer thrown over a tank top and your favourite jeans from the closet is the perfect choice for a date night.

5) Turtleneck

Wearing turtlenecks is no more a thing of past. The trend is resurfacing and it looks amazing. Tuck-in your solid turtleneck into a pair flattering pants and add a little pendant to suit the look. Wear boots or sandals with them to rock your outfit. You might even add a layer of a blazer or long coat to it for a warm appearance.

6) Jumpsuit

Wearing a jumpsuit to a casual date sounds about right to me. Just go for a solid black jumpsuit with some statement jewelry and you are set to rock the night!

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