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OTT: Users are angry because even after getting a subscription, they also have to rent movies to watch on the streaming platform Amazon Prime.

By Dhwani Joshi
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Amazon Prime is a streaming platform that has garnered plenty of viewers in India because of popular shows like Panchayat, Made in Heaven, Mirzapur, and many more. However, the streaming platform has put certain movies for renting. So, even if you have the Amazon Prime subscription, you will have rent certain movies to watch. 


Recently, ‘Maidaan’, starring Ajay Devgn, a critically acclaimed film was set to make its OTT release, but Prime India put it up for rent, and immediately, in some hours, certain piracy sites made the movie available in HD. The movie will be available for the subscribers to watch without renting it, in a week or two, however, most of the people would have watched the pirated versions by then and the excitement would already be gone.

This renting is not just with ‘Maidaan’, but Amazon Prime has put up many movies on rent like the Harry Potter series, Barfi, Oppenheimer, etc. These days, when you open Prime, every other movie has to be rented to watch.

The users are enraged by all of this renting process, which has and will in the future as well lead to the decline in the subscriptions. Why should the subscribers have to pay extra to watch a movie when they have already paid a subscription amount.  


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