Exciting New Faces to Watch Out for on OTT - Alaviaa, Alanna Pandey, Lisa Misra and more

The world of OTT platforms has given rise to new and talented faces in the entertainment industry. Alaviaa, Alanna Pandey, Lisa Misra and more are some of the exciting new faces to watch out for in the realm of OTT. These young and talented individuals have been creating a buzz with their impressive performances and are sure to make a mark in the digital space.

By Megha Badiger
New Update

Image: OTT

From Alaviaa to Sharmin, the OTT platforms are introducing a wave of new talents ready to dazzle audiences with their performances. Here are some fresh faces you can't afford to miss:


Alaviaa in "The Tribe":
Alaviaa shines in Amazon Prime Video’s reality series, "The Tribe," offering viewers a glimpse into her real-life adventures in Los Angeles. Fans are eagerly anticipating her on-screen presence.

Lisa Mishra in "Call me Bae":
Lisa Mishra brings her refreshing talent to the screen in "Call me Bae," promising to captivate audiences with her performance.

Alanna in "The Tribe":
Joining Alaviaa in "The Tribe," Alanna adds her charm to the mix, promising an engaging viewing experience.


Trinetra Haldar in "Made in Heaven S2":
Trinetra Haldar's debut on-screen performance in the highly anticipated second season of "Made in Heaven."

Sharmin Sehgal in "Heeramandi":
Prepare to be transported to a period drama world with Sharmin Sehgal's captivating performance in "Heeramandi."


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