Oscars 2021: Producers Discloses The Strict Covid-19 Guidelines For The Show Ahead Of Its Premiere

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Ever since the world’s largest cinematic award show have announced its all nominees by the power couple Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Nick Jonas in last month of March, the cinema lovers have been on their toes to witness the final winners of this huge trophy.

As the show is about to held on April 25 as per the schedule, the 93rd Academy Awards producers-Jesse Collins, Stacey Sher, and Steven Soderbergh spelt out the plans for the ceremony and how the COVID safety procedure would be integrated throughout.

Stacey Sher said, “The narrative of the evening will be how we have gotten people back to work and what is involved exactly in doing that. There is that sort of strand that is going to run throughout the program of following the science of keeping people safe.”

The 58-year-old producer further added, “The whole situation has been incredibly fluid in making sure that we are adhering to the guidelines in terms of capacity, and how we are allowed to move people, and how long we are allowed to keep them in certain places. There is no universe in which we are ever going to put anybody at risk.”

Also mentioned that she is hoping to combine safety with a show that feels like a glimpse of what is going to be possible when most people are vaccinated and rapid testing is the norm. “Covid is going to be there because it is everywhere. But we want to put it in its place and then sort of move forward,” she said.

As for the content of the Oscars 2021 itself, producers assured that it will be optimistic about the love for and need for the movie-going experience, with Sher even invoking the announced closure of Arclight Theatres and the venerable Cinerama Dome this week.

Collins also joined and shared that the show is developing into something they only dreamed it could be and said they have been following Soderbergh’s ‘manifesto’ that states the show will certainly look like a novel, and not at like a TV show. “It will be 24 frames per second, widescreen, with shots designed like movie shots, including over the shoulder,” he explained.

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