Opinion: Television Has Evolved From Being The Top Most Source Of Entertainment And Owning It Once Was The Matter Of Prestige Has Become An Idiot Box!


Today the world celebrates International Television Day. Television was of the best inventions of humans as it brought a source of education and entertainment together at the houses of the people. It television which used to come in the huge size box has changes its shape and has become thinner over these years meaning to say from box TV sets to flat screen led and plasma TVs and smart TVs as well.

This also upgraded the features and qualities it offers to us. Starting from black and white TV to color television and now we have 3D and HD quality. Talking about the content it provided. Earlier only news bulletins used to be broadcasted on TV that too for a stipulated time. Then started family programs and cartoon shows. Ramayana and Mahabharata became the household program for every Indian which entertained people giving insight about the Indian mythology.

Discovery of India by Shyam Benegal based on the book of Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru was the most popular historical show which talked about India as a nation from the time of Vedas, its culture, history, philosophy, ethnicity to modern-day India everything was covered.

Also one of the most important factors that made TV popular is the feature of ‘Live TV’ when wars, sports games like the Olympics, and cricket were made life available to watch for the viewers.

Television had its own generation and aura. There was a time when having a TV was a matter of pride for the people. It was the symbol of luxury. It was the product that united people in the villages as only a few households could afford to have them so to watch special shows people used to gather together. The program of songs aired every Sunday was very special for many.

Today the time has changed as mentioned TVs are changed and the content it provides has also changed. In these times TV is found in almost every household. We are living in an era where actually don’t even need a TV box at home as it is available in our hands in the form of smartphones. Watching television has become monotonous.

The shows and films that are broadcasted for us lack a lot of things which makes TV an idiot box. There is no new concept on TV daily soaps nor there is a variety of movies that are displayed. News channels are also not barred from it as they provide more entertainment than actual ‘News.’ Everyday repeatedly the same movies are shown.

It has overloaded with a similar kind of content that it is proving the notion that anything in access makes us bored quickly and that is what has happened when it comes to TV.

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