OPINION: Sushant Singh Rajput Death Case Turning Into Tussle Between Two States; Politicians And Filmmakers Should Stop Looking At It As An Opportunity For Their Gains!


Sushant Singh Rajput’s career is indeed an inspiration for many. A journey of a boy from a middle-class family who became the heartthrob of millions through sheer hard work in acting in the Bollywood industry. However, his death is controversial and has taken a lot of twists in the case taking from his parents filing a complaint against Rhea Chakraborty and the late actor not leaving suicide note has raised a lot of speculations.   

There are enormous angles to the case and immense public sentiment attached to it. Some demanding justice for him, some asking for the CBI probe. Amidst all this, earlier the case was limited to Mumbai police and the film industry has now become a debate in politics as well! And this is the biggest danger to the case. Previously, filmmakers showed their interest in the case and announced a film that will be based on Sushant’s life.

This has resulted in an ethical dilemma that is it ethical enough to announce a film on the tragedy which is still fresh in the minds of the people? Is it a declaration that is made to attract the people keeping in view the ‘capitalization?’ though these will be a controversial topic to talk about one cannot ignore taking into consideration this perspective? It is not that making biopics or films on someone’s life is wrong but the timing of the announcement can be wrong. ‘Timing’ is what is of utmost importance.

And now there is the debate between which state’s police is better Maharashtra or Bihar. This is something very bizarre Policemen have to be respected no matter which state they are working for! No one should disrespect them just based on accusations. Each state’s police have their own way of investigating cases.

It seems like it has become a tussle between two states. Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh has denied CBI inquiry in the case so a lot of public pressure is made on the same. Whereas on the other hand there are elections in the state of Bihar later this year, it is seen that lot keen interest is shown in this particular case. If anyone is politicizing the suicide of a popular actor then it has to be condemned.

Everyone is trying to gain something of their personal interest from this case which is very unfortunate and saddening. It is definite that justice and truth have to prevail and fair investigation has to be done but that doesn’t mean we start doubting people in authorities without any evidence. There are so many pressing issues in the country which has to be taken care of.

Thus politicizing, commercializing, and sensationalizing the issue has to be stopped, and only focusing and pressurizing on the right thing has to be done and let the police do their job.

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