OPINION: Social Media has turned vulnerable with increasing threats of rape and murder for Bollywood female celebrities!


It has been more than a month now since the late b-town actor Sushant Singh Rajput has left for the heavenly abode. His death ignited the problem of the practice of nepotism in Bollywood and other societal issues like depression and mental stress. Indian society wasn’t much vocal about these problems and the untimely death of the young actor gave rise to such issues and people have started being outspoken about it. People expressed their rage on social media and majorly Bollywood celebrities were targeted and became victims of this outrage.

In this one month of chaos, many B-Town female celebrities have received the rape threats, murder threats on their social media handles. Female actresses like Alia Bhatt, Sonam Kapoor, Ananya Panday, Rhea Chakraborty have received such kind of menaces by the users. Some users have openly abused them in their comments section. Some users are sending messages of harassing and tormenting them.

It is my firm opinion that such kind of action should be highly condemned. Strict action needs to be taken against these people and should be punished who openly possess a threat to women’s dignity and safety. Lashing out on the female star celebrities will not change reality. Such things will not be tolerated. Sushant’s case is still under investigation and the authorities are probing the case. Inquiries are going on and there is still no conclusion. So people should stop blaming others for his death. No one is found guilty yet then how can citizens decide who the culprit is?

Social media has completely become a disastrous place full of negativity especially for women celebrities and all of us. Across the social media platforms, there is only negativity be it twitter or Instagram. It has become difficult for all of them to step out on social media who are receiving such threats which is very wrong. Even they have the rights, they have the liberty to voice their opinions.

People should understand that when they want to oppose something there is a certain way of doing that. Obviously threatening women is not the correct way. Expressing hatred on social media, bullying and trolling is a no way of condemning something.

It is high time for social media users to use the platforms wisely. Because social media is already on the verge of turning into a dangerous place especially for women.

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