Opinion: Pulling Down Ads, Demanding For Boycotts Seems Like India Is On The Verge Of Becoming An Intolerant Country

Social media has become a platform for spreading hatred and negativity along with its other features like connecting people, sharing information. We see people expressing their rage, anger on the media. There we see divisive ideas reflecting on people’s opinions. Seems people have a phobia of liberal and secular ideas. Unity in diversity which was India known for has gone for a toss.

Films, advertisement, show are the form of art and craft. There is a lot of creative work that goes behind it. They are the mediums that entertain and give out messages. In the recent past, we came across two advertisements by the Tanishq jewelry brand which gave out a beautiful message of interfaith marriage and culture as a whole.

Then there was another ad of the same brand which talked about Diwali which urged people to not burst the crackers as it is harmful to the environment and health of the people especially in the times of covid. But it did not go down well with a certain section of society and they demanded to boycott the bran and asked them to take down the ads. The pressure was created on the organization to do so. And, eventually, ads were taken down.

A few days back people started trending on social media to ban Netflix in India. A web series called A Suitable Boy is streamed on the OTT platform and there was a scene wherein a Hindu girl was kissed a Muslim boy in the backdrop of a Hindu temple.  The people have connected this to ‘love jihad.’ Boycott Netflix was also trending on social media.

People especially the youngsters are pondering about such issues that spread hatred in society. They are dividing society based on religion. On one hand, we portraying India as a rapidly developing nation and take pride in saying that there is unity in India but that is really contradictory to what is actually happening in this country.

Netflix is an international platform. And if people have so many problems with western culture then they should stop calling themselves modern. And then why just Netflix, they should stop consuming any kind of content based on modern culture. Being modern is not how one looks but how one thinks!

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