OPINION: Netflix’s “Indian Matchmaking”- Experience The Change In Concept Of Arranged Marriage


Indian Matchmaking the new reality TV series got streamed on Netflix last weekend. Since its release, the show has become the talk of the town and is admired by many. In no time the show has managed to garner and entice the viewers and especially the young spectators. The show revolves around the work of Sima Taparia, a Mumbai-based matchmaker, who travels across the globe trying to help her clients find arranged marriages.

However, the show has become controversial because of several reasons taking from the portrayal of cultural stereotypes in India to persuading norms like casteism and colorism. There are ample of characters in the film like men and ladies who are searching for their better half, family members, astrologers, face readers, and even pandits. The show is not just about the arranged marriages but beyond that and from family secrets to ideological discords with mom.

“Compromise, adjust, be flexible,” are the three favorite words of matchmaker Sima. But the glitch in the show is that many of them ended up breaking their connection. Having said that we should understand that the concept of marriage in India is very different than the western culture. In India, the rituals and customs of marriage vary from culture to culture. And the concept of arranged marriage is very primitive. However, over the years it has been evolved but it still follows some of its traditional norms.

In the show, it has evidently displayed the problems faced by the individuals in finding the ‘perfect partner’ or someone of their ‘dream.’ We get to know that people are not clear in their minds that what they are looking for in their future partner, what are their expectations from them. They realize this after marriage which results in ending up of the relation.

Women especially face the societal pressure of getting married at a certain age. There are conservative expectations from women which today’s modernized lady will not accept. She will definitely opt for her career and her life decision. Gone are the times when family members used to decide about the girl’s future. Now women are no more afraid to speak their minds. The characters in the series like Nadia Jagessar, Aparna Shewakramani are these kinds of women. They eventually broke up with their partners.

Then there are male characters like Akshay Jakhete, Vyasar Ganesan who too are looking for ‘right one.’ Vyasar is the guy who got rejected for his past and things didn’t work for him. On the other side, Akshay called off his relation due to some trust issues. This tells us that one should not judge a person from his past and the importance of trust in any relationship.

The series has displayed the process of finding the ‘perfect match.’ It gives an insight into how the parameters of choosing a partner are changed.  ‘Compromise, adjust, be flexible’ this has to be somewhere changed with words like ‘Compatibility, Understanding, Trust.’

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