Opinion: K-drama buffs are playing god in Kim Ji- Soo’s case but with the dark reality of the Korean industry, who is to blame?!

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If you are a big k-drama buff and have updates as to what goes on in the world of Korean drama you must-know Korean actor Ji Soo has come under scrutiny for testimonies of school bullying and sexual assault. A few days back a person declaring to be the ‘River Where The Moon Rises’ star’s schoolmate from 2006-2008, confessed that the K-drama actor was a “bully” and a “sexual predator”.

In her words, she had claimed that as Kim Ji Soo had a bigger build than the other kids his age at the time he used to take advantage of that and bully others and performed all sorts of bad deeds. She also claimed to be bullied by him in 2008 during the third year of middle school. In her statement, he claims that she doesn’t need an apology from the actor. In states, “There is just one thing I want. Kim Ji Soo. If acting is what you want to do, do it. But keep the title of ‘school violence perpetrator’ in front of your name forever in your heart. “

This news has shocked the Korean drama industry but there was no confirmation of whether this news was true or no until the actor himself has posted a handwritten apology on his Instagram account, that said, “I sincerely apologize to the people who suffered because of me. There is no excuse for my past misconduct. They were things that cannot be forgiven.”

Now here comes the bad part countless fans have sprung hate for the man now telling him to die because of his actions in the past. Yes, I agree that bullying is bad and unforgivable but who dare we order someone around to give away their lives? All the comments are about how inhuman he is but what about our actions? how does it make us anymore human?! Anyone reading this article. I would like to ask ya’ll a question have you’ll not ever done something wrong to someone and apologized? doesn’t second chance matter in life? everyone deserves a second chance! He claims to have learned from his mistakes and become a better man which takes a lot of guts. You need the courage to come in the open and accept your mistake and ask for another chance which Ji Soo has done here. What he has done is heinous for sure but who are we to be the judge of it? The government can handle such a task. If Kim Ji Soo is proven to be guilty let the government decide what his punishment would be.

Why not we talk about how we also are as a culprit here? Talking about badmouthing by the viewers there has been a lot of cases where Korean pop artists or Korean drama actors have committed suicide, because of fans constantly demeaning them, or insulting their action with no proof of it being deliberate or by mistake. Such insults and badmouthing can result in depression and people tend to commit suicide in this depression. Korea is quite highly ranked in terms of actors and actresses committing suicide because of depression. Sulli, Goo Hara, Jonghyun, and many more have been forced to give up their lives due to such intense pressure. Each time some news emerges and all I have noticed is fans and anti-fans reach up to the comment box personal message and sprout utter hate!

The Korean film and art industry that shows us a bright and cheerful side has a dark side to itself. The actors and pop artists have to be spot-on perfect in whatever they do. Mistakes and faults are not acceptable in Korean. The actors have to be on a strict diet and not skip a thing from it. Practice daily for lots of hours. Korean actors and actresses go through various tests including skin color and if they are fit or not to pass for shooting. The Korean industry is quite racist in that manner. They also have lots of sleepless nights to give you the best. oh also let’s not forget about the slave contracts! That is painful and hard enough on their lives and hearing such harsh comments can put them more down. Now, who’s to blame for it? it’s us and our constant demands and expectations on how a person should be… it’s crazy that the way we have created an idealistic image of how a k-drama and K-pop star should be! They should be tall, they should be fair, they should be slim and fit, the way they should behave, in short, they should be perfect just like robots.. well it’s funny cause even robots are not perfect! well, what’s wrong is the definition of your perfect! how about we start fixing that? Just to match the definition of your perfection these stars go through tremendous pressure and hardship. let’s take an example, fans need their star to have a perfect glowing godly face and for that, they end up going through plastic and various other surgeries and the next thing they come across Is being called fake by the fans and I just have one word for such hypocrisy it’s ‘PATHETIC’.

It’s time we start rectifying our actions before even trying to judge the front person. Life’s already being shitty for these stars with such horrendous expectations and pressure all we could do here is zip up with our nasty opinions and comments on them. Let the law play its role and bring justice to the victim and punish the suspect and let’s stop playing God for lord’s sake is all I want to say!

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