Opinion: India Should Prepare For New Ties With the USA To Deal With Liberal Democratic Leadership Of Joe Biden It Will Not Be The Same As Trump’s Policies

The much result of the presidential election of the most important nation the United States is out. This time the Americans have given the mandate to democrats with Joe Biden being elected as the president and Kamala Harris as the white president. Though the US election is important for the entire world but this election had special connections with India.

Firstly, the newly become vice president of the USA Kamala Harris is of Indian descent. The second reason was India’s ‘good relations’ with the US because of personal friendly relations between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Donald Trump. Their ideology was similar. The Houston’s Howdy Modi event and Ahmedabad’s Namaste Trump gathering was a symbol of it.

However, now since the tables are turned and democrats will administrate the US; how India ruled by right-wing BJP will deal with the liberal democratic president and vice-president is a question for many. Its stand on Jammu and Kashmir, Citizenship Amendment Act, India-China dispute will be of utmost importance. New Delhi will have to handle these issues with America very diligently.  

Biden has shown his inclination to develop modern levels of cooperation with China this will a rising concern for India. As at the moment, India and China’s relationship are not on good terms and there are rising tensions at the Sino Indian border. Biden has also emphasized promoting democracy and advancing human rights globally. This will be an area of uneasiness for New Delhi as there are possibilities that America may excoriate India over the Kashmir issue.  America’s relation with Russia will also be a lookout for India as Russia is an old ally and good friend of India.

Certain areas will be of interest and beneficial for India. Issues like counterterrorism, climate change are the areas where the policies and ideology of both countries will match

These are signs that signify New Delhi should prepare for new ties with the US which will be very different from the ties India has with the US in the Trump regime. There will be a moment where New Delhi will have to compromise and keep aside their staunch hardcore ideologies to deal with the liberal democratic leadership of the US.  

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